Pile of Trash Welcomes You at Mangaluru Mini Vidhana Soudha?

Pile of Trash Welcomes You at Mangaluru Mini Vidhana Soudha?

Mangaluru: ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness,’ goes an ancient saying. But trust this being scrupulously pursued in the premises of the Mini Vidhana Soudha in Mangaluru. While the City is pitifully grappling with the garbage crisis is another matter. Reflective of this apathetic approach to clean its own premises is a cause for much concern. As you enter the main gate, you will be welcomed by a pile of garbage-every single day.

Hundreds of people visit this place, since the building has the Taluk office, the office of the Assistant Commissioner, Mangaluru sub-division, offices of sub-registrar and land records, ’Padasale’ of the Revenue Department, which were earlier functioning in the deputy commissioner’s office premises and the office of co-operative audit. With the scene of garbage lying right at the entrance of the Soudha, it proves the utter carelessness, poor maintenance and unhygienic conditions due to lack of co-ordination. While the officials take part in various Swachh Mangaluru campaign or awareness programmes and educate the public in keeping their surroundings clean, however, they themselves can’t keep their surroundings clean- and one example of govt buildings is this Mini Vidhana Soudha opened in 2015. Seems like “We Don’t Practice What We Preach”, kind of deal!

Early morning you could see stray dogs feeding themselves on this garbage, showing an ugly and pathetic condition, right at the entrance of the Soudha. Has anyone from any of the department housed inside this beautiful while building noticed this rotten garbage, which sends a wrong message while Smart City is trying hard to be one of the cleanest city in the Nation. When our very own district administration officials are ignorant and reluctant to adhere to cleanliness, imagine a common man who wants to follow in their footsteps. These officials are showing a wrong path of cleanliness.

Coming Sunday, Ramakrishna Mission volunteers of Swachh Mangaluru campaign should have their cleanliness drive near this Mini Vidhana Soudha, so that all the officials inside this building will awake finally and admit their fault. While NGO’s and many other organizations are doing their best to keep Mangaluru clean, but on the other hand, our city/district administration are abusing Swachatha. But the pace of things is pathetically slow and atrocious oversight of the problem in the past is showing itself up in ubiquitous garbage dumped at every conceivable empty site. In the eyes of the experts, the malady lies not in deficient technology but in management and concerned officials.

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Joe D'Souza

Mr Alfie, When I went to talk to Taluk Head Official regarding this problem along with other problems on premises, First Warning He gave Me that: “I Should Talk To Him In Kannada Only”. In few minutes while I was still there Same Person started talking to Someone on Phone Line in English. There I judged His ignorance. I have informed to MCC Official regarding this Trash Problem and He told me that He will take care of it. I have requested Mr Bharath Raj from Vijaya Vahini Paper to Publish this Beauty of Mini Vidhana Soudha,so that Citizens of… Read more »