Playing a mother’s role won’t end career: Shira Gaarg

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Chennai, June 15 (IANS) Debutante Shira Gaarg, who played mother of a five-year old in forthcoming Tamil thriller “Baby”, finds it no big deal if an actress starts her career in a mother’s role.

“I think it doesn’t matter anymore if you start your career by playing a mother’s role. Going by the current trend, nobody is going to say that ‘Because you played a mother in your first film, you’re only fit for such roles’. I don’t think it will end your career,” Shira told IANS.

“The reason I took up the mother’s role is because it was screaming out lot of scope for performance. In fact, I can proudly say my role is much stronger than any other person’s in the film. It gave me ample space to perform,” she said.

Talking more about the role, Shira said “rarely do newcomers get such roles”.

“I was really pleased with the confidence the director had in me. I’m not sure if it was his instinct or something special that he saw in me, but I’m really thankful to the scope he gave me in my first film,” said Shira, who is a corporate trainer by profession, and is paired with actor Manoj Bharathi in the movie.

It was through a photographer friend that she landed an opportunity to work in “Baby”, which releases in cinemas on Friday.

Directed by D. Suresh, a former associate of filmmaker Balaji Shaktivel, the film features Manoj Bharati in the lead.

It was predominantly shot in Bangalore, while some portions were filmed in Sholingur.

Shira has already been approached for a project each in Tamil and Telugu, but she’s yet to sign on the dotted line.

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