PM Narendra Modi Showing Solidarity with Israel, Local Pili Vesha Troupe Has Followed Him

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PM Narendra Modi Is one of the First Global Leaders to show solidarity with Israel, now the troupe of Local Pili Vesha (Tiger Dance) Troupe Has Followed the PM, by showing their solidarity with Israel by having a painting on their chest “WE STAND WITH ISRAEL”!

Mangaluru: In the wake of Israel’s war on Gaza, brought about by the unexpected attack by Hamas on 7 October 2023, a curious trend has emerged on social media. In the past two weeks, Indian right-wing accounts – many of which depict the Indian flag side by side with the Israeli one – have voiced some of the most staunch support for Israel online, and are among the leading producers and amplifiers of anti-Palestine disinformation. These pro-Israel advocates also make their presence felt on the streets of India, where rallies are organised in support of Israel, expressing unwavering support. Support for Israel online has been on a mass scale, however, there have been only pockets of support for Palestinians.

Also, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi was one of the first leaders to express support for Israel on 7 October, stating, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the innocent victims and their families. We stand in solidarity with Israel at this difficult hour”. In 2017, Prime Minister Modi made history by becoming the first Indian PM to journey to Israel. During the visit, he stated that both countries share a “deep, centuries-old connection,” thus ushering in a robust political alliance paired with military and cyber security agreements.

In India, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has forged strong connections with Israel, both on the political and social levels. It should be noted that Israel has even supported India in its past conflicts with Pakistan by providing mortars, ammunition, and advanced laser-guided missiles. India is the largest buyer of Israeli-made arms, splurging over $1 billion annually.

However, recently during the Navratri/Dasara Festival celebration, a Pili Vesha (tiger dance) troupe from Ullal has been the talk of the town during this Navratri festival in the coastal district, after its dancers presented a show expressing their support for Israel. The Sharada Huli Vesha troupe from Montepadavu in Ullal taluk, while painting the bodies of dancers, wrote on their chest – ‘WE STAND WITH ISRAEL”.

Team members had decided to write the message supporting Israel on their body, considering India’s stand on Israel’s war with Hamas. The photos of the tiger dancers with the message on their chest have been going viral on social media, inviting reactions from netizens.

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