Poisonous Food For Dog

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Poisonous Food For Dog

Many people believe that what is good for the owner is good for his companion too. But, one has to be very wary of whatever food is put in front of the dog lest it should turn out to be POISONOUS FOOD FOR THE DOG.

The first in the list of poisonous food for dog is chocolate and cocoa. Theobromine in chocolate is a diuretic and a cardiac stimulant. If ingested in large amounts, the dog becomes hyperactive, and passes large volumes of urine. Vomiting follows. The heart rate escalates and death is possible if the dog is exercised. Both cocoa as well as cooking chocolate is poisonous food for dogs. Milk chocolate has lesser amounts of theobromine. In a nutshell, even licking the leftover icing from a cocoa cake can be putting poisonous food right in front of your beloved dog. Obviously, the age of the dog, its size and energy level will dictate how long the dog will survive or how badly it will be affected.

Onions and garlic are other poisonous foods for dog. Onions are especially toxic. Onions cause hemolytic anemia; that is, the red blood cells burst as they circulate through the body. Eating onion can cause diarrhea and vomiting. Passing dark colored urine, weakness, confusion, dizziness and accelerated heart rate are other symptoms of onion poisoning. Left over pizza, commercial baby food containing onion, and Chinese food are all poisonous food for dog. Mushrooms are also poisonous for dogs. They can lead to abdominal pain caused by liver or kidney damage. Vomiting and diarrhea followed by convulsion, coma and death is quite possible if mushroom is eaten. Macadamia nuts are another poisonous food for dog. These may cause muscle tremor, weakness and ultimately paralysis.

The seeds of fruits like apple, cherries, peach etc contain cyanide and are poisonous food for dogs. Unlike humans, dogs will not spit out the seeds. Smaller varieties will become very sick if they eat these seeds. Poisonous food for dogs also includes tomatoes and tomato plants. Tremors and heart arrhythmia are the direct results of eating tomato plants. Raw eggs and raw meat can be poisonous food for dog. Raw eggs may contain salmonella, and raw meat will contain bacteria if the quality is not ensured. Splinters of bones in the raw meat may tear the internal organs of the dog.

Grapes and raisins are another category of poisonous food for dog. Symptoms of poisoning include diarrhea, vomiting, and kidney failure and tummy pain. This is a matter that has to be taken up with the vet immediately. Caffeinated beverages that are human favorites are highly poisonous food for dogs. Sometime, dogs eat medicines, rat poison or other chemical substances left at home.

Some dog owners consider their pets to be the next best alternative to a recycling garbage bin. Feeding your dog with moldy leftovers just because you are hesitant to waste “good” food is akin to poisoning your dog. Moulds and bacteria go hand in hand. If the dogs are small, they will not be equipped to ward off diseases caused by these bacteria. Indigestion followed by diarrhea and vomiting occurs. If chronic diarrhea occurs, secondary infections may set in, thus robbing your dog of his very life.

Feeding scraps to dogs during dinnertime is to be avoided because a large variety of human food is poisonous food for dogs. Extra care must be taken to see that the dog does not inadvertently get into your stash of chocolates, left over pizza or even cigar cases. Many times, the effects of poisoning are sudden and may be fatal. In this case, prevention is definitely better than cure or even regret. Keeping your dog away from poisonous dog food is a matter of disciplining him and urging him to eat only what is given in his bowl or plate and not allowing him to rummage fofor food everywhere.

The stock market crash

Everything that goes up comes down. So is the story with the share market. Boom and bust are two things that appear with great regularity in share markets. Bull phases in share markets are often followed by a stock market crash.
In bull phases share market records a great gain. Instances of huge gains and rags-to-riches stories attract even laymen to invest in the share market. . Stocks turn over priced. Often we hear a number of stories on how share prices doubled in a couple of weeks and investors made handsome profits. Newspapers begin to reports stock market gains in the front page. Every one starts talking about a great rally in the making. Free advice floats around on the great profits that can be made in every other scrip. Beware of this phase. Such euphoria spells an impending stock market crash.
Over priced stocks is the first indicator of an impending stock market crash. If stocks prices are irrationally high, the earning potential goes down. Investors who purchase the shares in the initial phase of the rally start-booking profits. Slowly the bull market flattens. This is the second indicator of an impending stock market crash. If you act on such indicators, you could save your profits.

A flattened stock market gives way to small losses. Small losses are known as corrections. At the end of a correction phase the relative valuations of stocks appears to be attractive. Speculators and bulls take charge of the market once again. A small rally gains momentum, this is known as the relief rally. Frequent correction followed by small rally is a precursor of an impending stock market crash. If successive relief rally fails to break the upper resistance level, the message is loud and clear -” Sell the shares and book your profits. Another crash is around the corner.” Rational investors should protect their profits at this level.

As relief rallies become less frequent, a bear market set in. As bears strengthen their grip on the market, more and more investors run for cover and exit the market. Such mass exodus of inventors often pushes the share market index into ridiculously low levels. Suddenly you find no buyers for the scrip, no matter how low the valuations are. This situation is known as stock market crash.

Stork market crash on October 19,1987 is the greatest share market crash in United States. Many feared that it could be a precursor to the great depression that followed the stock market crash of 1929. Fortunately it was not so prolonged. Markets recovered in the early 1990s. Technological excellence was the new mantra of the decade. Small start up firms like Amazon began to command more market capitalization than U.S. Steel. Price of these shares skyrocketed as rumors on their potential earnings floated around. The pinnacle came in January, 11, 2000 when American Online, a favorite darling of dot com investors acquired Time Warner company- the largest media company in the United States. On January 10 2000, the technology heavy Nasdaq index peaked a high of 5048.62. But adverse verdict in US Vs Micro Soft case and the slow down of technological spend post Y2K took the wind out of the Bull Run. Thus the First crash of this century happened in 2001. Here too, it was the overoptimistic small time investors that crowded the stock exchange in the late 2000 who lost the most.

So be wary of stamping bulls next time. Bears are not too far. Never let greed take the better off you. Keep a cool head and book your profits when valuation seems to be irrational. This is the best way in which you can protect your profits in share markets. No one can buy the shares at its lowest and sell it at the highest rate. Booking your profits when the days are still rosy is the best way to protect your investments from yet another stock market crash.

The Meaning Of Blue Roses

The rose is an absolutely amazing flower. Whatever its color the flower itself is a vision of absolute fragility and delicate grace. The rose is also an extraordinary flower in that it has so many shades, some natural, and some man made. But each shade has a meaning of its own. Have you ever wondered what the meaning of blue roses could be?

The blue rose does not occur in nature, at least not the absolute blue rose. Blue roses were at first created by dyeing white roses. Some people mistake lavender roses for blue ones. So, the closest we can get to blue roses are the lilac to almost black category. Roses lack the pigment that produces blue color. The blue rose has been painstakingly created and imbued with a special meaning.

Much like its mysterious origin, the blue rose means mystery. An appreciation for the enigmatic, the inexplicable is expressed by the blue rose. A tantalizing vision that cannot be totally pinned down, a mystery that cannot be fully unraveled is the blue rose. A person who receives the blue rose is the subject of much speculation and thought. A complex personality that does not allow easy interpretation is what the blue rose indicates.

Another meaning of the blue rose is that it symbolizes the impossible, or the unattainable. Since the blue rose itself is a rarity in nature, it stands for something that is hardly within one’s grasp, an object that seems too difficult to be achieved. Thus the blue rose is admired and revered as an unrealizable dream.

The blue rose being in itself something very extraordinary expresses that very same feeling. “You are extraordinarily wonderful”, the blue rose exclaims. A truly wonderful personality, almost chimera-like is what the blue rose says about the receiver. A flight of fancy, an irrepressible imagination is what the blue rose is all about.

Blue and its deeper shade purple have for long symbolized mystery and ambiguity. Again, the fact that the blue rose is a flower that has been fabricated increases this sense of surrealism. The meaning of the blue rose in this sense is an appreciation for something that cannot be grasped in full measure.

The lighter shade of the blue rose, which is almost akin to lilac, expresses the first flush of love. Enchantment, a feeling of being completely bowled over in the very first instance is another delightful meaning of the blue rose. Lavender and lilac have both been associated with romance since time immemorial.

The blue rose is also used as a symbol of caution. It expresses a need to be discrete. Again, there is a whiff of secrecy and mystery as expressed by the blue color.

New opportunities and new possibilities are also some other meanings of the blue rose. The blue rose denotes the excitement and the possibilities that new ventures bring. The mysterious beginnings of new things and the excitement therein are very nicely expressed by this flower.

The blue rose is a flower that seeks to convey a message of mystery, enchantment and a sense of the impossible. One should never forget that as a flower that is not found freely in nature, the blue rose has a certain charm and unique mystery that does not reveal itself freely.

The Meaning Of Pink Roses

The rose, as the archetypal flower has endured in its beauty and significance for hundreds of years. What is it about a rose, irrespective of color and size that makes it so special, so touching? In addition to its beauty, the rose is perhaps the only flower that has so many diverse meanings. The meaning of a pink rose is as beautiful and as graceful as the delicate blossom.

Pink is not just for girls, and it is not just a pretty color. Pink roses have deep significance when it comes to affections given and received. The most widely accepted interpretation of pink roses is grace and gentility. An admiration for beauty, refinement and enduring grace is what the pink rose connotes. The receiver of the pink rose can rest assured that he or she is admired for possessing a certain respectability and decorum not commonly found in others.

The meaning of pink roses, as expressed by their lovely color is happiness and joy. Being themselves a joy to behold, pink roses express fun and happiness. The pink rose denotes that the receiver is a pleasure to behold, a pleasure to have in company. Thus, it is an indication of deep joy. They indicate happiness or pride, a heart-felt appreciation.

The pink rose, because of its happy connotation is very popular in bouquets that decorate the bridal bower. Symbolic of joy, pride and deep affection, they make wonderful tokens while celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or significant achievements. Its visual appeal and delicate appearance gives off a sense of harmony and warmth. Like the becoming blush on a bride’s face, the pink rose expresses happiness and enthusiasm.

Where there are no overtones of love, pink rose seeks to communicate gratitude – a very beautiful and touching way to say a simple “Thank you”! The pink rose when used to express gratitude, appreciation and recognition is a source of joy and delight.

The pink rose, though beautiful to behold and wonderful to receive also has its share of unfavorable overtones. This negative meaning of the pink rose found it’s beginning in the ancient Roman Mythology. Apollo turned Rhoanthe into a pink rose when she unfairly tried to become the protectress of women. In this scheme of events, pink roses depict pain, long standing suffering and death.

But the pink rose is generally looked upon as the flower of sweet thoughts and gentle emotions. It indicates an affection that may turn into deeper love. Innocent love that has not yet blossomed into passion, a deep affection that has not yet reached its pinnacle is what the pink rose expresses.

Pink roses please all our senses. They look beautiful, smell great and have a depth of meaning in their gentle blooms. The next time you need to express joy, affection, pride, gratitude, a gentle romance or even good luck, use a pink rose. This glorious flower in its beauty and delicate shade expresses innocence, and a simple joy in that innocence. As opposed to red roses that speak of deep passion, the pink roses are a gentle reminder of affections not yet awakened, the gentle beginning of a wonderful relationship.

The Meaning of Purple Roses

Rose is a flower that has been subjected to multifarious interpretations and innovations. New colors have been developed by man to express yet another emotion. The purple rose is one such innovation. This particular color has various levels of meanings, and has always been a favorite among rose lovers.

Purple roses primarily stand for enchantment. The giver of the purple rose seeks to convey that he or she has fallen in love with the recipient at the very first sight. A deep magnetism and charm that makes the recipient almost irresistible is what the purple rose seeks to convey. The very first meeting has totally enticed the sender of these flowers, who simply cannot resist the object of his desire.

Though purple speaks of enchantment, the meaning of the purple rose nowhere suggests permanence. The enchantment can be transcendental and can also be fleeting. As the word “enchantment” suggests, the effect is almost magical, and can also die off without much warning.

Significantly, lavender is a color that priests wear during lent. This is a time of discretion. Thus, there is also an undertone of rigorous control, or a need to proceed cautiously and slowly.

The purple rose has certain other meanings. Opulence, glory and majesty are some other interpretations given to the purple rose. Purple being a color of elegance and grandeur, it is only fitting that the rose also pays tribute to these characteristics.

The most widespread meaning of the purple rose is enthrallment, especially at first sight. Because of this, the purple rose is a hot favorite on Valentine’s Day. And though there is no indication of permanence in this attraction, there is definitely a deep impression created. So, the next time you are bowled over by someone at first sight and feel totally enthralled, remember to send him or her a few purple roses.

The Meaning Of Red Roses

“0, my love is like a red, red rose,
that’s newly sprung in June.”
_ Robert Burns.

Words or pictures have never fully encompassed the sheer beauty and grandeur of the red rose. The red rose is undeniably the most beautiful among all the roses, full blooded and rich. The incredibly beautiful Cleopatra used the red rose to carpet her bedroom when she received Antony. All roses convey warmth, affection and love in varying degrees. But the red rose, being the queen of roses, is the most popular and beloved of all.

The most obvious and well known meaning of the red rose is deep love and affection. In the 18th century, a special rose language evolved as a means of communication between lovers who were forced by society to keep their feelings a secret. And the red rose came to symbolize true love that would stand the test of time. Staunch promising affection that is forever riding high is what the red rose means. The red rose denotes a true love that is stronger than thorns and can outlive all obstacles.

Desire is another facet of the red rose. The red rose expresses the throbbing heat of new love, a passionate expression of attraction. Red is the color of consummation, of raging desires and craving passion. The meaning of the red rose then is quite apparent from its color itself. Red rose speaks of love that awaits a passionate expression.

Red roses are the most popular valentine roses, which is why their prices shoot up during February. The red rose, especially, a single red rose simply expresses, “I love you very deeply”. Bright red roses are interpreted as the ultimate expression of romantic and abiding love. Their bright red shade expresses these emotions perfectly.

A deep burgundy shade in a rose has a different meaning altogether. The deep red rose conveys unconscious and guileless beauty. The burgundy shade depicts a beauty that is unadorned and uncontrived. Another meaning of the red rose is respect and deep admiration.

In addition to beauty and passion, red roses also symbolize courage. The red rose is also a symbol of power, as represented in the War of the Roses. Red roses seek to congratulate a job well done, and to express respect and appreciation. The red rose celebrates the creative spirit of love.

A red rosebud also has its own meaning. Youthful love, innocent and fresh is what the bud stands for. The attractive and unopened rosebud celebrates unpretentious and honest beauty. Purity and loveliness are what the red rosebud stands for.

A withered red rose has a negative nuance. It speaks of a beauty past its prime, a passion that has lost its warmth, and a love that is quickly dying off. A dark crimson rose that almost borders on black is indicative of mourning and sadness.

Red roses also have a different kind of meaning within marriage. Red roses express domestic bliss that is at once passionate as well as abiding. A love that is growing in strength, away from monotony and still fresh is what the red rose portrays.

Just as there are many shades of love, so also the red rose has many shades. And the meaning of each shade varies. Poets have immortalized red roses as the flower of romantic, passionate love. But innocence, courage, heroism are some of the various meanings of the red rose

Author: Kevin Fernandes- UAE

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