Poojary Gives Deadline to CM to Hand Over D K Ravi’s case to CBI

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Poojary Gives Deadline to CM to Hand Over D K Ravi’s case to CBI

Mangaluru: Senior Congress leader Janardhan Poojary held a press meet at the Circuit house here, on March 20.

Addressing the mediapersons, Poojary said that to find out whether IAS officer D K Ravi’s mysterious death is a murder or suicide, the Karnataka government should hand over the case to the CBI. “6 crore people of the state, parents and relatives of D K Ravi, the media and the entire country is demanding that the case be handed over to the CBI but the state government led by CM Siddaramaiah has not handed over the case to CBI yet. This is doing great damage to the image of the Congress party in the state. Every minute is precious, if the government will delay in handing over the case to the CBI, there is a chance that the Congress party will be completely wiped out in the state.”

He also said that the KPCC president should wait till 12 o’clock on 21 March. “If the government will fail to hand over the case to the CBI by then, the KPCC president should call an emergency executive committee meeting on March 22. If the Chief Minister is afraid, let he appoint some people to handle this case. People are losing their faith and trust in the state government which is a bitter truth. Along with the party’s well being, the Karnataka government has the responsibility to provide safety to 6 crore people of the state. The state government should have handed over the case to the CBI. Now we are seeing a clear picture of losing power; if we delay, the Congress party will lose its self respect too,” he warned.

Poojary also said that the truth should come out. “If the CM thinks that the BJP and JD(S) will blame Congress and destroy it in the state, do not worry, we are there with you.”

“Parameshwar should not delay in informing the Chief Minister to hand over the case to the CBI by noon of 21 March. The KPCC president has the right to call for the executive committee meeting on March 22. D K Ravi was an honest officer. He had a loan of Rs 8 lakh but with great difficult, he had completed his education.” Poojary also said, “If the CM has a heart, he should start a Rs onecrore fund in D K Ravi’s name and the interest amount should be given to his parents, because they have no other source of income. The IAS Officers Association has also urged the Prime Minister to hand over the case to CBI. Do not delay. We have the news that Sonia Gandhi has ordered the CM to hand over the case to CBI because the opposition is playing politics.”

Poojary also assured to credit from his pension Rs 5000 every month to D K Ravi’s parents account till Poojary’s last breath.

“Let the CID team hand over the report to the government honestly and let the CBI investigate this case very carefully,” he said.

When asked about the destruction of evidence, Poojary said, “We cannot say that they have destroyed any evidence. Unless there is proof, we do not want to blame anyone. Congress is still alive, it is a question of credibility of the state government. If we will not react, Congress will be finished in the state. Media is still alive in the country,” he said.

When asked about the comment of the opposition about defaming the IAS officer after death by diverting the death case of D K Ravi, Poojary said, “Let the CBI bring out the truth, then I will believe it. Let the whole story come out. If I blame anyone, my name will be spoiled.”

Senior Congress leader Kallige Taranath Shetty, Arun Coelho and others were also present.

By RAJ, Pics by JP, Team Mangalorean



Mar 21, 2015
Bhayangara ultimatun ketto. A S Mathew saaru, mansillayillo?

Anil D.G., India Mar 20, 2015
Poojary is underestimating the capability of the CID. He is directly undermining their credibility. He is scared of public perception. A person with no guts. The Congress stands to lose a lot due to such weightless leaders. Let the state agencies do the investigation and, if need be, it can be handed over to the CBI.

Its like telling the wife when she is cooking that her dish won’t come out good and therefore its better to get food from the restaurant. What is the guarantee that the restaurant will dole out good food??!!!

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