Poojary Wept during Brahmakalashotsava recalling Rai’s Foul Language – Harikrishna Bantwal

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Poojary Wept during Brahmakalashotsava recalling Rai’s Foul Language – Harikrishna Bantwal

Mangaluru: “Senior Congress leader Janardhan Poojary shed tears during the Brahmakalashotsava at Shree Brahma Baidarkala Garodi recalling Minister Ramanath Rai’s abusive language against him. Rai should come to Dharmasthala and swear that he never used abusive language against Poojary. I am ready any day, let Ramanath Rai fix a date to go to Dharmasthala for the swearing”, said Harikrishna Bantwal who recently joined the BJP, in a press meet held at Hotel Woodlands here on January 1.

Addressing the mediapersons Harikrishna Bantwal said, “While addressing the gathering during the Brahmakalashotsava Poojary said, “Rai had spoken in a very cheap language against me which has hurt me a lot”. I do not have any obligation towards Poojary, if Ramanath Rai is a minister today, it is because of Poojary. He had helped Ramanath Rai to get the ticket. I have not received any favour from Poojary or anyone so far. Poojary is in pain, he had wept in front of the people who had attended the Brahmakalashotsava at Shree Brahma Baidarkala Garodi.”

Harikrishna Bantwal further said, “From the past 35 years I am with Poojary and I did not ask any favour from him. Poojary did not treat us like slaves but has treated us well. I respect him like my father because Poojary has taught me to lead a respectful life. This is not a political issue since I treat Poojary like a father I felt bad while he cried in front of the gathering. Harikrishna is not a liar but Ramanath Rai is a lair. Ramanath Rai himself had insisted me to apply for the MLC ticket. But at the last minute, he recommended Pratapchandra for the MLC post.”

When asked why the same words R**** maga and S***maga are being repeated again and again by him which were allegedly uttered by Ramanath Rai against Poojary only once with someone else, Harikrishna Bantwal said, “Ramanath Rai had used abusive words R**** maga and S***maga against Poojary who I consider to be in my father’s place. I feel very sad when someone hurts Poojary”.

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6 years ago

Now Bantwal is challenging Rai to visit Dharmasthala and take the oath before Lord Manjunatha!
Toh baat yahaan tak pahunchi.
Lord has no time to waste with cheap politicians. He is busy blessing people.
So what Banteal can do? Just say Rai, yeh haath mujhe de de.
What would be Rai’s response?
Nahin, woh toh pehle hi Pratapchandra ko de chuka hoon.Haw.

Original R.Pai
6 years ago

Dear Harikrishna Bantwal,
It’s time to stop your non-stop drama of Poojary-worshiping. Mr.Ramanatha Rai may or may not have called Poojary names. But, what’s the big deal when this is the ‘normal’ language used by many political leaders, their chelas and even many police officers? Do you know how often these abusive words are hurled at ordinary citizens by political leaders and their goons? They even physically attack people for questioning. So, please spare me your sanctimony. Mr.Poojary is not king or god. Your drama is getting old and boring.

6 years ago
Reply to  Original R.Pai