Power demand in UP reaches record high

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Power demand in UP reaches record high

Lucknow: With temperatures rising menacingly in Uttar Pradesh, the state saw a peak power demand of 29,820 MW — the highest ever recorded.

Electricity consumption also surged to nearly 643 million units.

On May 31, the electricity demand had reached 29,727 MW.

The state has set a national record for meeting the increased demand during the severe heatwave.

According to the Grid India Power Supply Report, on June 10, Uttar Pradesh achieved the first position in the country by supplying 28,889 MW of electricity, surpassing states like Maharashtra and Gujarat.

The report said that with 24,254 MW Maharashtra, Gujarat 24,231 MW, Tamil Nadu 16,257 MW and Rajasthan 16,781 MW met the maximum demand of power.

However, the Power Department of Uttar Pradesh set a record for the highest power supply in the country during peak hours.

Meanwhile, Ashish Kumar Goel, Chairperson of Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL), has directed discoms to exercise caution considering the ongoing severe heat and the increasing electricity demand.

He said that arrangements are being made to meet the continuously growing electricity demand.

The UPPCL has adequately arranged electricity availability as per the forecast, and additional arrangements are being made promptly as demand increases.

The Chairperson emphasised that there are no scheduled power cuts anywhere due to the system’s capacity.

Reports of power supply disruptions due to local faults are, however, being received.

The UPPCL has also reduced the number of days required for power connection.

According to the new order, under the municipal corporation limits, the power connection will be executed in three days, while seven days under Nagar Palika, and it will take 15 days in rural areas.

The number of reduced days is only applicable on the condition that the area already has underground power cables or extended on poles.


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