Preparation Tips to Ace the BBA LLB Entrance Exam

Preparation Tips to Ace the BBA LLB Entrance Exam

So, you’ve decided to pursue BBA LLB as a career. Well, congratulations on making the right decision as BBA LLB is among the best career choices. Studying law is one of the most intellectually challenging feats. Not only is the career highly lucrative, but it also fills a sense of accomplishment in students who want to bring a change.

A career in law is multi-faceted, and there are no limits to what a student can achieve with a law degree. There are many different law specialisations that students can pursue. From the most popular BA LLB course to BBA LLB with a specialisation in corporate law – a student can choose whichever they want to study. However, only universities like UPES offer such specific specialisations and law aspirants must clear the BBA LLB entrance exam such as ULSAT to secure a seat for their chose law course.

In this article we will give you exactly what you need – the tips to prepare for the BBA LLB entrance exam. If students follow these tips, we are sure they will be able to crack the entrance exam and get admission easily.

Here are the preparation tips to ace the BBA LLB entrance exam

1. Know Everything in Detail about the Law Entrance Exam

The first and foremost thing is to know everything in detail about the BBA LLB entrance exam. Thoroughly understand the syllabus of the entrance exam you are appearing in and stick with it during the preparation course.

Typically, the syllabus does change every year – so make sure you know it before starting preparation. Also, make a note of all the essential details about the exam.

2. Create a Study Plan

Once you know the syllabus of BBA LLB well, create a study plan to start the preparation. A timetable is critical to your success in the law entrance exam. Law entrance exam syllabus is varied, and students don’t learn some of the things in school; hence, it is essential to create a time table in a way that it has room for all subjects.

The syllabus for BBA LLB entrance test is divided across:

• Language Comprehension
• Quantitative and Numerical Ability
• Legal General Knowledge and Legal Aptitude

Make sure to have dedicated time for revision.

The best way to make a study plan for BBA LLB entrance exam

• Make a time plan– Divide the syllabus among chapters, and determine how much you want to cover in a day
• Create a schedule – Make sure to have a routine, a set schedule to follow with plenty of time for revision too
• Determine your goals –It’s always good to determine your goals before and have plenty of time for revision and mock tests.
• Follow the routine every day – Don’t invest time in making a study plan if you are not going to follow it every day. Preparing for BBA LLB exam will require you to showcase utmost dedication and determination, so do stick to the plan.

3. Create Mind Maps

Mind maps are incredibly helpful in retaining crucial information with the help of visualisation. BBA LLB entrance test has subjects like legal aptitude which has had a lot of minute things to remember. Law aspirants will be better able to prepare for the entrance exam with mind maps. The patterns and connections made using mind maps help students to retain more information.

4. Talk to Existing Law Students

If you want some good advice, do talk to the current students who are pursuing law. For instance, if you are preparing for ULSAT, you can speak to the alumni and know the intricacies of the BBA LLB entrance exam. It will help you get insights about the exam which will help with the preparation better.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

There is never enough practice when it comes to BBA LLB entrance exam. If you think you’ve prepared enough, keep practising till the day of the exam. The more you practice, the better your chances are of clearing the exam. The best way to practice is by revising and solving mock test papers. Make sure to gather the right information, read the newspaper, law forums, books, and everything that can bring you closer to getting admission.


Law makes up for an exciting and reputable career option. If you are a law aspirant, do consider various specialisations in law that are offered by top universities. Courses like BBA LLB with specialisation in corporate law are becoming increasingly famous because of the corporate lawyer outlook. So, if you too are fascinated by law as a career, follow the preparation tips mentioned above for law entrance exam and give your best to crack the exam.

by Sanya