Preventive Measures in place During Tipu Jayanti – ADGP Kamal Panth

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Preventive Measures in place During Tipu Jayanti – ADGP Kamal Panth

Mangaluru: “On November 10, Tipu Jayanti and Parivarthana Yatra will take place in Dakshina Kannada District and in order to avoid any untoward incidents during the celebrations of Tipu Jayanti we have taken all the necessary measures. On November 10, the City police led by Police Commissioner T R Suresh will focus on the Tipu Jayanti and the District police led by SP Sudheer Reddy will focus on the Parivarthana Yatra,” said ADGP Kamal Panth in a press meet held at the Police Commissioner’s office here on November 8.

Kamal Panth further said, “We have already taken all necessary measures to prevent any untoward incidents taking place on November 10. We will deploy 2000 police personnel, 13 KSRP platoons to maintain the law and order situation in the district. Mangaluru is a sensitive area and the RAF officers are already in the city and have joined us in the discussions. We have already started to parade those who were responsible to spoil the peace in the district. If anyone violates the law strict action will be taken against them.”

Those who are already in the police records will be monitored. If they violate the law we will take action against them in the coming days.

Kamal Panth also said, “We have held peace committee meetings and given instructions to maintain peace in the district. We have given necessary instructions to the organizers for the smooth celebrations of Tipu Jayanti and the Parivarthana Yatra.”

When asked about the rumours that some people will try to hold protests on Tipu Jayanti, Kamal Panth said that this is a Government programme that is being celebrated and there will be no scope for any protests during the Tipu Jayanti Celebrations. If anyone violates the law and protests, they will be dealt with accordingly.

When asked about imposing section 144, Kamal Panth said, “This is a provision of the law. The officers will take a call on that and take action as and when required.”

When asked about the section 144 being imposed in other districts Kamal Panth said, “We cannot have the same standard in every place and cannot compare one district to another. It is the decision of the local police to impose the section if required.”

When asked about taking the bond. Kamal Panth said, “We have been taking the bond and already have taken the bond from over 128 people from the district”.

When asked about giving permission for Parivarthana Yatra, Kamal Panth said, “The SP of DK will visit the places personally and if he satisfied he will take
the decision to give the permission for the Yatra.”

Police Commissioner T R Suresh, IGP Hemant Nimbalkar and SP Sudheer Reddy were also present.

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