Private Hospitals a source of livelihood

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Private Hospitals a source of livelihood

The Coastal region of the state which has been known for entrepreneurship was not left back in tapping the economic potential of health care.

Father mullers Institution a stalwart in this field for more than 100 years which not only did true service to mankind today sees more patients than Govt Wenlock Hospital at 1500 people per day.

The Other institutions which started later have been a game changer in the lifestyle of people in Mangalore not providing quality care to people at affordable rates.

The people of Mangalore who always have been highly Ethical have patronised these institutions and supported them wholeheartedly.

The topography of this region currently is a testimony to the success of community development led by private health care.

Manipal a legend by itself due to the visionary man Dr T M A Pai has gained a global identity.

Has society lost anything in this pace of development?

Looking back at the coastal region with a plethora of languages and religion today excels in education and quality healthcare with people from other parts flocking here.

This revolution is due to the private investment, zeal, vision and service.

The fruits of it are evident in the people employed in each of these institutions in the form of Paramedical and ancillary staff.

Each hospital creates an economic zone of influence spurting business leading to further employment.

Attempts to put pressure on the private establishment of health care has a cascading effect on people employment and their dependent families.

It may be populistic in the short run but will see irreversible damage to the society.

Dr Prakash Harischandra MBBS MD
Asst Prof KMC, Int Med
HAMO Wenlock
IMA- KSB State Council Member
AMC Mangalore EC Member

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