Priyadarshan’s latest film to start rolling on August 10

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Thiruvananthapuram, July 20 (IANS) Director Priyadarshan has assured that his new Tamil film on AIDS awareness is going to be hilarious. He will start shooting from next month.

“All will be leaving the theatres teary-eyed as there is a twist in the end,” Priyadarshan told IANS.

His new film will start rolling on August 10, and it will be over in 20 days. It will be shot in and around Chennai.

Priyadarshan said the film is message-based, and given his vast experience, he said he did not want to do a documentary on AIDS.

“No one will come to watch a documentary on AIDS. But what I have done is that I have woven a story around the central plot that is AIDS. The story of the film starts at 9 a.m and ends at 5 p.m.,” said the master craftsman.

Elaborating on the film’s story, he said that eight characters arrive at a pathology laboratory at 9 a.m. to give their blood for an AIDS test.

“The events between then and till 5 p.m. when they get their result, is the story of the film. Be assured that everyone can have a hearty laugh till almost the end,” said Priyadarshan.

Besides directing, the story and screenplay are his own, and a few years back this theme was discussed with Aamir Khan. But Priyadarshan says that for some reason, it did not materialise with the superstar.

“When A.L. Vijay, a director himself (husband of actress Amala Paul), heard the story, he asked me if he could produce it and I agreed,” said Priyadarshan.

On the cast, he said upcoming actor Ashok Selvan plays the lead. Other cast members include Prakash Raj, Shreya Reddy, Nassar and several stage artists from Tamil Nadu.

“There will be no songs and the duration of the film is 100 minutes. Once I finish the shoot of the film, I will show it to A.R. Rahman and if he agrees, he will be doing the background score,” said Priyadarshan.

Award winning maverick cameraman Santosh Sivan would be wielding the camera for the film, and popular art director Sabu Cyril is on board, along with Beena Paul who would be the editor.

“I will release the film this year, but it would be an international premiere, first,” said Priyadarshan.

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