Priyanka Gandhi says BJP talking of ‘tinkering’ with Constitution with PM’s nod

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Priyanka Gandhi says BJP talking of ‘tinkering’ with Constitution with PM’s nod
Latur (Maharashtra): Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi-Vadra claimed on Saturday that the BJP leaders who are talking about changing the Constitution are doing it “with the backing of Prime Minister Narendra Modi”.

In a frontal broadside against PM Modi, she said while addressing an election rally in Latur that the BJP’s own ministers and leaders have been openly going around claiming that the Constitution will be changed after getting 400-plus seats, and this is happening “with the PM’s concurrence”.

Priyanka Gandhi was campaigning for the INDIA-MVA-Congress candidate Shivaji Kalge contesting the Latur (SC) Lok Sabha seat, with senior leaders present on the dais.

She also claimed that the BJP wants to change the Constitution “to deprive the masses of their equal rights guaranteed by the Constitution and weaken the nation”, but after the matter blew up in the public domain, “PM Modi attempted to brush it aside and denied any attempts to tinker with the Constitution”.

“This is the time to save the Constitution and the democracy… Utilise your vote wisely. Vote for your future, your rights, and the country’s progress for saving democracy and the Constitution… The nation secured its freedom with huge sacrifices by our great leaders, and now it is up to you to safeguard it,” Priyanka said while addressing the large gathering.

Addressing her first poll rally in Maharashtra in 10 years, she also said that instead of speaking about what the BJP government did in the past two terms, PM Modi keeps on blaming all the regimes of the past 70 years to hide his own failures, while using money power to threaten democracy, breaking parties, and toppling state governments, as was done in Maharashtra.

“You go on pointing fingers at past governments but don’t talk at what you have done… What happened to all your big promises of giving jobs, education, controlling inflation, improving the lives of the poor, the youth, the farmers, the women, and other sections of the society,” Priyanka Gandhi asked.

She also attacked the Prime Minister for “diverting attention from the major concerns by making absurd claims of how one party (Congress) will run an X-ray machine and grab all the belongings or wealth of the people”, which was contrary to the dignity of the august position of PM.

“People are amused by such talks, but the PM is under the mistaken impression that he can fool the masses by indulging in blatant falsehoods. There have been many great PMs in the past, but nobody has ever stooped to such depths, or belittled the exalted post they held,” the Congress leader said.

Claiming that only PM Modi’s rich friends have benefitted in the past 10 years, Priyanka Gandhi argued that the masses have become poorer, inflation has spiraled, unemployment is at record levels, and the farmers are in deep distress with increasing suicides, yet the PM is seeking votes in the name of caste or religion, and indulging in false dramatics.

She said the BJP rulers believe that if they continue to rake up caste and religion issues, nobody will question them about the burning issues facing the people, “but now, the masses have become conscious and that is why PM Modi is shaken”.

“The PM is shown by the controlled media painting a rosy picture, travelling all over the world, his ministers keep praising him, and he is touted as the most influential global leader. They have flourished with your vote. But, the BJP government has actually destroyed your employment opportunities, failed to control price rises, the farmers are in crises, and nothing has been given to the youth or women,” Priyanka Gandhi said.

Taking a jibe at the 5-kg foodgrains promised to 80 crore people, she said perhaps it’s the ‘only thing’ the BJP government has given, making them feel that they have done everything for the poor.

“But, what about the masses who toil day and night to educate their children, hoping they can get a good job, and improve their life and future? Can they be satisfied with just 5 kg ration a month,” she asked.

Recounting the Congress’ ‘Five Guarantees’ to ensure ‘Nyay’ (justice) to all sections of the people, she called upon the people to “wake up and vote out the egotistic Modi-BJP regime and signal a change in the country for a better future for all”, and ensure that ‘Ab Ki Baar, Janata Ki Sarkar’ comes to power.

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