Bengaluru: Probe against IPS officer who ‘bunked’ class during Oz visit

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Bengaluru: The State government is all set to order a departmental enquiry against a 2005-batch IPS officer for his “misconduct, gross indiscipline and insubordination” during the Mid-Career Training (MCT) programme in Hyderabad and the exposure visit to Australia between November 29 and December 4.


“This should not have happened. We will take action against Abhishek Goyal if the contents of the letter sent by the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (NPA) are true,” Chief Secretary Kaushik Mukherjee told Deccan Herald.

Mukherjee is yet to receive the NPA’s letter from the Home Department. Chief Secretary is the cadre controlling authority for IAS and IPS officers in the State.

The NPA’s letter, addressed to DG and IGP Om Prakash, recommends a departmental enquiry and recovery of Rs 62,393, spent on Goyal, within 30 days of the receipt of the letter. The letter has assumed significance as the NPA has clarified that it would be difficult to accept any further nominations for the MCT from the Karnataka cadre if action is not initiated against Goyal.

The NPA has not issued the course completion certificate to Goyal for his acts and he has earned the dubious reputation of being the first IPS officer to indulge in “misconduct” during the training programme. “Goyal did not mend his ways, vitiated the training atmosphere and brought disrepute to the NPA and the IPS fraternity despite repeated warnings. He also made an irresponsible request to exempt him from the final leg of the programme in Melbourne,” the letter states.

Goyal’s misconducts began on Day One when he wore T-shirt and trouser at the venue.
S Raveendran, a faculty member at the Academy, asked him to wear the uniform and attend the training session. By the time he was back in uniform, half a day’s session was over. He was then issued a show-cause notice, the letter states.

On the second day of the training, Goyal forcefully brought his family on the bus from Gold Coast in spite of clear instructions that families would not be allowed to travel on the same bus due to insurance-related instructions. He is also accused of bunking classes repeatedly. Despite being refused leave on the final day, Goyal failed to attend the last leg of the programme at Melbourne, missed the flight and stayed in Brisbane.

The NPA has also framed a draft charge sheet against Goyal, who served as DCP (Crime) Bengaluru City for some time.

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