Prof Puranik and Sharan Pumpwell fought for Freedom, not Gandhi – Muneer Katipalla

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Prof Puranik and Sharan Pumpwell fought for Freedom, not Gandhi – Muneer Katipalla

Mangaluru: “Our district has become an experiment lab for the BJP and Sangh Parivar. Once our district was popular for unity, peace and brotherhood and people of all walks of life were living in harmony but now it has turned into a centre for communal violence. People are identified by their religion where one community hates the other because of the political game played by the Sangh Parivar and BJP. In olden days people were living in peace and unity forgetting caste, creed and religion but now we see communal fights. From past 25 years, the CPI(M) is trying to bring unity among the people. As a continuation of it, we have organised the Communal Harmony rally in Mangaluru”, said Muneer Katipalla during the flagging off of the Communal Harmony rally in front of the DC office here on February 23.

Muneer further said, “By exchanging sweets on Diwali and biryani on Eid there will not be harmony, visiting houses of Christians on Christmas day and talking about communal harmony there will not be peace. The Sangh Parivar being afraid of the communal harmony rally organised by the CPM have indulged in setting fire to the CPM office. If the CPM communal harmony rally will be stopped, it is a defeat of the people of DK. In DK, 13 Hindu youth have been killed because of the BJP goondagiri. BJP is unfit to rule the country as it is insulting the federal system. If any chief minister can be banned from visiting a state, why then Modi was not banned?. Modi was the CM of Gujarat and he was not banned from visiting any state. What is BJP MP Nalin doing? He is a shame to the Parliament and an insult to this district”.

He also said, “Our posters were destroyed, Pinarayi Vijayan’s banners were destroyed. MP Nalin had said that he will set the district on fire but his followers now have set fire to the CPM office. In the name of religion, youth are being misguided and made to set fire to documents of their own mothers who are rolling beedies. It is a curse which cannot be erased until the BJP leaders drown in the Arabian sea.”

Muneer said, “In his 50 years of politics, Pinarayi has worked for the poor and the downtrodden. He did not make money in crores. But Yeddyurappa made money in crores through corruption. MP Nalin has assets in crores. Firebrand C T Ravi has made money in crores, most of the BJP politicians are involved in illegal activities. When BJP leaders see Pinarayi, they feel ashamed of themselves because the people of Mangaluru respect Pinarayi. You are afraid that people will not respect you once they hear Pinarayi’s speech, if not, why are you calling for a bandh? Instead of calling for bandh, tell the people not to attend the communal harmony rally. We will come by foot and attend the rally. If you can stop, you stop it”.

Muneer also challenged and said, “You can stop our agitation but you will not be successful. You can call for bandh but you cannot stop us from taking part in the rally, you can pelt stones on buses or vehicles but you cannot pelt stones to our legs. We will go to every house and bring people to attend the rally. Our people do not travel by cars but they walk. If you have the capacity stop our rally but you cannot stop Pinarayi from attending the programme”.

Muneer recalling the statement made by Sharan Pumpwell, “There are 11 cases filed against Pinarayi”, Muneer said, yes, cases have been filed against Pinarayi, but the cases filed against him were for fighting for the rights of the poor labourers. But if we take the records from the police department, Sharan has more than 100 cases against him! CPI(M) leaders have cases filed against them for being the voice of voiceless, are they criminals? he questioned. Sharan Pumpwell and Prof Puranik have both brought freedom for the country and cases have filed against them for fighting for freedom. Because of the casteism followed in our country, many people converted to other religions. Muslims have not come from other countries, they are born in this country. Because of discrimination, many Hindus had converted to other religions and the RSS leaders are responsible for this. If there was no caste discrimination Muneer would not have been Muneer today. I would have been a Hindu and belonged to some Billawa or any other community. We are not from Savarkar generation, we belong to Bhagat Singh generation. On February 25, we will organise the communal Harmony rally, let people from all walks of life gather for the programme to bring back the olden days where Christians, Hindus and Muslims lead a life of unity and brotherhood.”

Vasanth Achary also spoke on the occasion. Balakrishna Shetty, U B Lokayya, Yadava Shetty, Sunil Kumar Bajal, Vasudev Uchil, Jayanti B Shetty, Dayanand Shetty, D K Imtiyaz, Santhosh Bajal, Nithin Kuthar and others were also present.

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  1. ” In olden days people were living in peace and unity forgetting caste, creed and religion but now we see communal fights” – Report quoting some political personality.

    I don’t know what he is talking about. He must be living in an alternative reality. India has been under attack by outsiders for 1000 years. In fact, major portions of ‘Akhanda Bharatha’ were amputated precisely due to communal mindset of foreign ideology. Who is he trying to fool ??

  2. What a liar Mr. Muneer Katipalla is Pinarayi Vijayan is the one who is accused of Murder charge, He is 1st accused in Murder of then RSS Mukyashikshak Ramakrishanan in Kannur. This happened when Mr. Vijayan was just 20 year old. His district is hot bed for political violence in Kerala. He represents Dharmadam assembley constituency in Kannur where numerous murders have taken place. Why only constituency there have been lot of violence in his village Pinarayi late last year. From day he took office of CM in Kerala violence has only increased many RSS cadre has been murdered and well known matter is that conspiracy is hatched at highest level. Now Muneer adds that there is no corruption allegation against him big lol. He was one of accused in SNC Lavlin case when he was power minister of Kerala. The total history of current Kerala CM is very dodgy. He is not good administrator too. He came to power saying will curb corruption not even a year one minister has already resigned on corruption, He said he will control price rise but since taking charge price of essential commodities in Kerala has only increased this person is neither a good administrator nor good person.

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