Proving ‘Age is Just a Number’ ‘KMC Nava Chaitanya’ Revelers Unleash Talents on Annual Day in Zest

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Proving ‘Age is Just a Number’ ‘KMC Nava Chaitanya-Attavar’ Vintage/Senior Revelers Unleash Talents on Annual Day cum Republic Day celebrations in Zest, joined by members of KMC Nava Chaitanya -Bejai and Spoorthi Charitable Trust, Kodialbail, Mangaluru

Mangaluru: “Ageing is not ‘lost youth’, but a new stage of opportunity and strength”- Betty Freidman; ” Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it does not matter”- Mark Twain; “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young”-these thought-provoking quotes by eminent persons show that there is no age limit when you are capable of having some fun and want to party.

Imagine a 75-plus-year-old lady swinging her body, and a couple of other grandmas/grandpas lifting their legs and shaking their hips to a few popular Bollywood tunes. Imagine a teeth-less 79-year-old “young damsel” singing and enthralling the audience with her best solo performance, all that and much more talents were unleashed at the KMC Nava Chaitanya-Attavar, joined by members of KMC Navachaitanya-Bejai and Spoorthi Charitable Trust at Republic Day 2024 Celebrations and Annual Day of KMC Nava Chaitanya-Attavar held on Friday 26 January 2024 at KMC-Sanjeevini Hall, Attavar, Mangaluru. These Vintage Revellers” simply rocked and enthralled the audience.

Everyone celebrates India’s Republic Day, but here at KMC-Nava Chaitanya, there is a Difference- for the fact that the Elders as Young as 75-85 years old can Dance, Sing, Act, Joke and Thrill you with no end. A rare and emotional Republic Day 2024 was celebrated with zest and zeal by the “Young elders” of KMC-Nava Chaitanya during the Annual Day cum Republic Day bash organized by KMC-Nava Chaitanya-Atatvar, under the leadership of young and dynamic M S Kamath-the President. The energetic “Youth” ranging from 60 years to 85 years in age, rejoiced with radiant inner energy. They danced, sang, joked, recited freedom poems, and performed skits, putting the teenagers way behind. The credit for all the activeness of all these grandmas and grandpas should go to Dr. Prabha Adhikari, the founder of KMC -Nava Chaitanya and the Soul of the movement – Indeed a health-promoting group for senior citizens.

The programme began with a prayer song, followed by a welcome address by M S Kamath, the President of KMC Nava Chaitanya-Attavar. The inauguration was done by lighting of the lamp by dignitaries on the dais, namely (Mrs) Nandita Shenoy-Dept of Oral Medicine & Radiology, Manipal College of Dental Sciences as Chief Guest; Ms DFevipradha Hegde- President, KMC Nava Chaitanya-Bejai; Jerardin D’souza- Founder of Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association; among board members of KMC Nava Chaitanya-Attavar.

Addressing the audience Ms Devipradha Hegde said, “KMC Nava Chaitanya-Bejai is stepping into its 20th year in 2024, and being at the helm as president for so many years, we all are happy that we are keeping ourselves fit and healthy through yoga and other exercises. There has been a growth in our membership, where not only seniors are joining, but also middle-aged people. Our main aim is to keep ourselves healthy, and try to be involved in various activities, where we feel that ‘Age is Just a Number’, and when you can unleash your talents even at this ripe age, there is no stoppage”.

Chief Guest Dr Nandita Shenoy speaking on the occasion said, “I am unnerved in the presence of huge achievers to be the chief guest, yet would love to grow old with these members. My compliments to the yeoman service and care that is provided by KMC Chaitanya to its members, who can keep their lives healthy through exercise and diet. Seeing all these young members in their vintage age who were active, means there is still fun in life at an older age. The President Ms Devipradha Hegde, the strong woman at the helm works hard to keep the senior citizens happy, and care for their healthy life, basically giving them a new life. Keep up the good work that you all are entrusted with, keep healthy through exercises, and you all will have a long and fruitful life”.

Er. Jerardin D’Souza stated that it was not the time for him to give a big speech, rather it was the time to celebrate watching the Elders perform and display their dormant talent. Lucky draw winners were presented with gifts, and a cheque for Rs 10,000 was donated by KMC Nava Chaitanya- Attavar towards a Cancer Fund. The vote of thanks was proposed by Secretary Mrs Vijayalakshmi Bekal, while Ms Kusuma Naveen Rao, eloquently and meticulously compared the programme, including her few witty punchlines.

Following the formal programme, the cultural entertainment kicked off with various performances in the form of singing, dancing and skits showcased by the members of Chaitanya. Kudos should go to Narmada- an ECG Technician at KMC Attavar for her excellent choreography and direction in getting these “artists” to give their best performances. A job well done, Narmada! The rare and energetic celebrations, cutting across all divides halted after devoutly and proudly singing the national anthem.

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