PU Chemistry Paper Leak, CID Investigates Expert and Mahesh College

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Mangaluru: CID Officials visited two colleges in the city on April 15 in connection with the leak of PUC Chemistry exam papers.

The investigation was carried out based on the information revealed by the 3 accused who were arrested on April 13. Anil Kumar, K M Muralidhar, and K S Ranganath were arrested by the senior CID officials in connection with the IInd PUC Chemistry examination question paper leak.

When the three accused were questioned by the CID officials they revealed the names of 11 private colleges across the state. Based on the information CID officials raided all the 11 colleges including Mahesh PU College and Expert PU College in Mangaluru. Documents have been seized by the CID officials for verification.

Chairman of the Expert PU College denied any wrongdoing and said that it was not a raid but CID officials had visited the college for document verification. Similarly, the Principal of Mahesh PU College Ajith D’Souza said that the CID officials visited our college for verification of the documents on how many students had appeared for the exams, the number of students in the college, the strength of teaching and non-teaching staff in the college.

The prime accused Shivakumar and his son Dinesh are still on the run and search is on for them to find out their links with other colleges in the state.

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  1. Say, Rampa, The names – Anila Kumaara, Muralidharana, Ranganaaaatha, shivaaakumaraaa, and his son – Dineshaaa…. oh well, they all MUST be aliases of some Shareepa, Areepa, Aseepa, Parooka and his son – Paizala, right?

    I talk to this Joker about MIT – Kundaapura – where M stands for ‘Moodalakatte’ and this joker JUMPS to Massachusetts inst. of Tech – Cambridge, MA. Chap acts like he is the Dean of MIT or Wharton or Princeton!

    Little does he realize is that – the holes in his ‘dosas’ and Jhomblass chaddi’s are plain for ALL to see. 🙂

  2. Let’s do a simple exercise to illustrate the difference between this incident and mangaluru vimaana nildaana incidents to our joker Pinto. Let him answer the following two simple questions:

    – How many times Police caught individuals smuggling gold in vimaana nildaana and what are their names?
    – How many times Police caught individuals for leaking PUC question papers and what are their names?

    Does this help him understand the difference between trend and an isolated incident?

    • “…. trend and isolated incident” – Bhashana Koduva Rampa

      Look ya ‘secular’ but simple-minded Rampa,

      ANYBODY who used to read reports (when names were published) about the smuggling at MIA would know very well who those jokers were, their Jathaka, kundali, vaastu etc. And they can very well make their OWN conclusions instead of some joker hailing from Murudeshwara who happens to be quarter-baked Yumreeki and fully-baked Rampa copy-pasting their names AGAIN and adding some self-praise such as – “My brilliant conclusions/detective work” etc.

      What beats the bejesus outta me is -how can the Na (b***) kaoonga, na (b***) khilane doonga club have so many ‘geniuses’ who are interested in page 12 news? 😉

  3. “ANYBODY who used to read reports (when names were published)…..can very well make their OWN conclusions” writes Joker Praveena Pinto.

    Again, I have to ask – How does ‘Beef Club’ produce so many geniuses???? LOL LOL
    Look how he admits that the names are not being published in these reports anymore!! LOL So, here are the new questions since he has failed to answer my previous questions.

    – Why do media reports don’t mention the names from these incidents anymore? In fact, media houses don’t even report these incidents anymore let alone names!! Any idea on why? smiles…

    – And, what was the conclusion you arrived at after reading those earlier reports with names? I’m curious to know!! smiles…

  4. “Why do media reports don’t mention the names from these incidents anymore?” – Murudeshwara RampaNNA

    Lol! This is like asking ME to answer – why didn’t India approach the US for fighter jets instead of going in for Dassault Rafale jets from France! Tell you what, ya Rampa. Why don’t you write to Garnab Arswami & Dharka Butt for answers?

    -“And, what was the conclusion you arrived at after reading those earlier reports with names? – Rampa Again

    The conclusion I arrived at are as follows:

    1. You are a half-baked Yumreeki RampaNNA and you belong neither here nor there!

    2. Your sole interest in life is to reproduce names of some morons apprehended at MIA.

    Jeez! And I’m compelled to ask the million $ question – How on earth does the Na (B**f) Kaounga, Na (B**f) Khilane Doonga club produce so many ‘geniuses’? 🙂

  5. As I had clearly expected, joker Praveena Pinto has pulled his ‘palaayana vaada’ stunt!! All I did was to use his own twisted argument and forced him to a checkmate!! LOL Forget about debating me – This guy stands no chance in a high school level debate!! LOL LOL How does Beef Club produce so many geniuses? smiles…

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