Pumpwell Bale on 31 Jan! Finally after 10 Years, the Much Awaited Pumpwell Flyover MAY OPEN?

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Pumpwell Bale on 31 Jan! Finally after 10 Years, the Much Awaited Pumpwell Flyover MAY OPEN?

 Mangaluru: Keep your fingers crossed because anything could happen within the next three days, even though the date for inauguration of the much awaited Kankanady Pumpwell Flyover is set for 31 January 2020. When I said the Flyover MAY OPEN on 31 January is not because the work on the flyover is done except for a few touch ups here in there, but for the fact, that these days in Mangaluru you never know what could turn up, either from a Section 144, or a Curfew clamped, or could be a police shoot out, or a bandh etc. But if none of these unexpected things happen, then there is 100% chance of Pumpwell Flyover being OPENED for motorists on 31 January 2020.

Taking a ride to the Pumpwell Flyover, I was totally amazed to see the difference of the present Flyover than it was couple of weeks ago. It looks great and all set for inauguration. I was so thrilled that I rode on my scooter back and forth on the flyover about three times, since it was traffic free- and I would not get that chance again once the Flyover opens on 31 January when heavy traffic starts to move on it. Congrats to NHAI and Navayug Company, for at least for the last time in keeping their said promise of inauguration date.

It is learnt that once the inspection is completed, the flyover will be open for public- which will be positive. As per sources, MP Nalin Kumar Kateel is not in favour of a grand inaugural event, but is opting to have a simple inauguration ceremony, similar like the one he did at the Thokkotu flyover. At least for now MP Kateel can be free from all kinds of fun that people posted on social media every now and then due to the delay in the construction of the flyover with trolls and memes. And now that images of the almost completed flyover are all over social media, commuters and motorists have found a sigh of relief and can’t wait for the inauguration date and be happy.

Flyover Construction Workers are rejoicing after long years of toiling to complete the project

Today, Wednesday 29 January 2020 MP Nalin Kumar Kateel inspected the progress of the Pumpwell flyover work, along with MLA of Mangaluru City South Vedavyasa Kamath; Immediate Past President of BJP of Mangaluru constituency Santhosh Kumar Rai Boliyar; Newly elected Corporators of Mangaluru City Corporation, namely- Sudhir Shetty Kannur, Sandeep Garodi, Chandravati Vishwanath, NHAI and Navayuga Co officials, among others- and seeing the progress of the Flyover, MP Kateel speaking to media has said that the inauguration of Pumpwell Flyover will take place on 31st January at 9 am, without fail.

If you look back at the history of this Flyover, it had missed several deadlines in the past, and this much lampooned flyover was back in the news recently, with its new date of inauguration on 1 January 2020, which never happened and a video of this had gone viral. All these fake promises and delayed work had got people to make mockery at MP Kateel and the flyover. As always, NHAI officials had been putting the blame on Mother nature, especially the recent rains which they say delayed the work. Other authorities blame it on the three-day curfew that paralyzed the work. It should be noted that the flyover work was started in September 2010, at an estimated cost of Rs 671 crore, as part of the four-lane road project on the NH 66 between Talapady and Kundapur. The 90-km stretch, excluding the 17 km between Nanthoor and NITK-Surathkal was completed by by the NHAI under the Port Connectivity Project, reveal sources.

There has been many deadlines of inauguration of this flyover missed over the years, and recently when Union Road Development Minister Nitin Gadkari had visited the flyover, he had set 31 May 2019 as the inauguration date for sure- that never happened. And once again, in November 2019 MP Nalin K Kateel out of publicity stunt set the inaugural date of the flyover for 1 January 2020- and that flunked too. So with all these fake promises of inauguration date of the flyover by MP Kateel, and the work delay on the project by Navayuga Udupi Tollway Pvt Ltd, the whole issue which had become a subject for trolls and meme creators- and the general public kept enjoying them fully- WILL most probably come to an end on 31 January 2020. I hope so!

So in conclusion, if one of the world marvel, Eiffel Tower took two years to build; Tallest building in the world Burj khalifa took around five years to build (vertically), but people from NHAI have FINALLY completed a work of a flyover which is 300 -500 meters long after 10 long years, what more can we think of! Seems like they were planning to build next wonder of the world. Anyways no point in crying over spilled milk, as they say- at least for now let’s all rejoice that the much awaited Pumpwell Flyover is all set to OPEN on 31 January 2020. Hip..hip..hooray! Calling everyone- “Pumpwell Bale..Pumpwell Bale on 31 January!

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