Pumpwell-Done! Due to Recent Violence in City Trump Cancels His Visit to Inaugurate Flyover?

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Pumpwell-Done! Due to Recent Violence in City Trump Cancels His Visit to Inaugurate Flyover?


With just three-days left for the inauguration of Kankanady Flyover as promised by MP Nalin Kumar Kateel, this “Deadline of all Deadlines” for completion of the project, trolls and meme creators have been fueling the frenzy. Even a invitation which has gone viral, has penciled US President Donald Trump, to inaugurate what its creator said is another Wonder of the World-the Pumpwell Flyover. The invitation also mentions other guests of honor gracing the inaugural ceremony, namely- actor Sunny Leone, former MP and liquor Baron Vijay Mallya, former Minsiter U T Khader and spiritual coach Vinay Guruji, among others, in the presence of Nalin Kumar Kateel.

Mangaluru: When someone finishes a project efficiently, they say “WELL-DONE”- but now we have a new word to be incorporated in the dictionary, which is “PUMPWELL-DONE”, when someone leaves a half-done project? Oh- well, once completed the Kankanady Flyover will be the “Eighth Wonder of the World”- for two reasons- 1) For taking more than eight years to complete, and 2) For the Unscientific Way the Flyover is built? In spite of various controversies that has surrounded the Kankanady Pumpwell Flyover, which has been not completed for over eight years, there was yet another issue surrounding this controversial Flyover, since it has violated the international and national standard specifications by being constructed much lower than the permissible height. Why would anyone construct this Flyover with Height of 4.5 mts, when Legally it should be 5.5 mts- and due to this trucks, specially the ones which transport new vehicles, having higher height get stuck under this flyover.

Another unscientific development found by the Citizens Forum, was the orientation of the flyover, and the East and West pillars which seem to be sinking. The present situation of this Pumpwell Flyover will bring back memories of the 29 May 2018 floods which turned the Pumpwell circle into a lake due to heavy rains. Despite being a low-lying area with roads from all four sides sloping downwards towards it, carelessness in not alleviating the road beneath, before constructing the Pumpwell flyover.

Even after so many promised dates of completion and inauguration of this Flyover, and while a new date of completion is assured by MP Nalin Kumar Kateel on 1 January 2020, but looking at the slow work going on at the flyover at the moment with just a bunch of workers at the helm of the project, there are chances the project may take a long time to complete. The flyover presently remains a picture of deserted work-in-progress, and amidst the presence of construction debris, abandoned mechanized equipment, earth-movers and iron rods popping out of the unfinished structure, the project appears to be at a standstill.

Taking note of its prolonged construction and deficient workmanship, few locals have likened the incomplete structure to the ruins of the ancient Roman Colosseum. And yet another citizen has posted his comment on a electronic media stating “My son was just born when they started this project, now he is going to school. I’m wondering, is the work slow or my son is growing faster?!” And now with just three days left for the inauguration of this Flyover as assured by MP Nalin Kumar Kateel, trolls and meme creators have been fueling the frenzy.

The latest of such memes disguised as an innocuous yet genuine looking invitation has penciled US President Donald Trump, to inaugurate what its creator said is another “Wonder of the World”- the Kankanady Pumpwell Flyover?. And the inauguration by Trump is fixed for 1 January 2020. Stretching the creative imagination ‘further, the invitation also has included the names as guests of honor for the inauguration, namely-Actor Sunny Leone, Former MP and liquor Baron Vijay Mallya, former Minister U T Khader and spiritual coach Vinay Guruji, among others, in the presence of MP Nalin K Kateel. The invitation has also announced live telecast of the inaugural ceremony on a local TV channel. In the interim, this high-profile invitation and creative Tik Tok videos are doing rapid rounds on social media. What a joke!

Having missed several deadlines in the past, this much lampooned flyover was back in the news-thanks to the recent spot inspection by DK Member of the parliament Nalin Kumar Kateel, during this inspection, directed the concessionaire- Navyuga Udupi Tollway Pvt Ltd to complete work on the flyover by 31 December 2019 to facilitate its inauguration on 1 January 2020, and a video of this had gone viral. But when Team Mangalorean took a look at the ongoing work of the Flyover recently, it looks like the inauguration date as promised by MP Kateel will not see the light of the day-making it yet another fake promises added to his credit.

You can hardly see any workers at the site, and the work that is going on slow pace, it may take few more months or years to finish this project. Now they may even put the blame for the delay, on the three-days missed work due to the recent curfew. Just look at the pictures incorporated in this report, and you’ll the present condition of the flyover. All this fake promises and delayed work has got people to make mockery at MP Kateel and the flyover. Apart from the funny invitation and videos on social media, it may be added here that DYFI too in the not so distant past had resorted to mock inauguration of the much touted flyover at Thokkuttu wearing the mask of PM Narendra Modi. It was followed close on its heels, that MCC Civic Group had planned a “Galipatta Utsav” on the incomplete flyover to remind elected representatives of their unkept promises, one which they cancelled at the last moment following a no permission grant from the Police department.

In conclusion, if one of the world marvel, Eiffel Tower took two years to build; Tallest building in the world Burj khalifa took around five years to build (vertically), but people from NHAI cannot complete a work of a flyover which is 300 -500 meters long even after EIGHT years, kudos! Seems like they planning to build next wonder of the world. One commuter who passes by this incomplete flyover every singe day said, ” First of all the company which is undertaking construction work is Navayuga Engineering company LTD which is infamous for it’s delayed completions. Everyday when I travel through Pumpwell, but seeing at the construction where only three or four workers will be working, I used to think even a small house construction requires manpower of at least 5 to 6 people. What are these four people doing there(perhaps playing ludo, God knows) Eight Goddamn years to build so much!!

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