Puttur: Alarming! Young Boy’s ID Found Suggests Involvement of Students in Disturbances

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Puttur: Reports of the recent unfortunate incidents in Karaya in Beltangady taluk and Uppinangady in Puttur taluk and biased and doctored reporting in some mainstream print media has angered many peace-loving citizens belonging to different faiths.

What has shocked many is that besides lethal weapons and materials identified with some organizations, textbooks and an identity card belonging to a student of Government PU College in Beltangady were found at the spot where groups went on a rampage at a prayer-house. (Name and identity of the student have been held back.)


The incident took place around 8-30 pm on Saturday. That is not the time for any students to be on the streets. This obviously means that some students who were to going home were diverted to create trouble.

An effort to contact the parents of the student did not succeed. But a relative of the family said that youngsters who were deeply influenced by the fiery speeches delivered at a meeting in Puttur had indulged in disturbances. The persons who incited trouble had remained safe.  The poor boy will face a police case and his future and life would be at stake as a criminal.

Many others said that the children of those who incite others go for higher studies and secure employment in top places and abroad, while the victims of their schemes face the consequences of their acts prompted from behind the scenes.

The episode should serve as a lesson to all parents to protect their children from those anti-social elements, he said, by likening their activities, as a Kannada saying goes, to lighting one’s bidi or cigarette with the fire that burns a neighbour’s house.

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