Puttur: Confusion Cleared – Rekha Shetty Now Municipal Commissioner, Officially

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Puttur: The town municipal council here had recently been upgraded as city body. Accordingly, the chief officer’s post got upgraded as commissioner.

​Rekha J Shetty

However, there was no official notification from the state government to this effect. In the meantime, chief officer Rekha J Shetty used the designation of the commissioner in her official communications..

Some council members were peeved over it and complained to the deputy commissioner about it. The DC issued a notice to her regarding this alleged impropriety. She explained that it was according to rules and the matter was hanging fire for some time.

Besides, she also wrote to the department of urban development requesting that when such an upgradation was effected, at the same time the posts and grades also should be raised. Otherwise, the staff were likely to face embarrassment.

Now curtains are down on all confusion and controversy with the government responding to her appeal and officially declaring her post to have been raised to the grade of commissioner.

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