Puttur: Man in Drunken State Stabs and Kills Own Son-in-law in Konalu

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Puttur: A case of marital discord and a related altercation leading to manslaughter has been reported from Arla Pulinditta in Konalu village in the taluk on Sunday evening.

Saumya, daughter of Sunny aka Varghese (58), had been given in marriage to Bose George (35), engaged in rubber tapping work, some years ago. They have had two children. The father and daughter’s houses are located next to each other.

A marital discord had developed between Bose and Saumya, leading to her to live with the children in her parental house for some time. Bose lived alone in his house and is reported to have taken to drinking. Saumya’s father also regularly visited Bose and both picked arguments regarding the husband-wife relationship under the influence of alcohol.

On Sunday, a serious altercation between them took place. The neighbours ignored it as it happened very often. In a fit of rage, Sunny stabbed his son-in-law with a knife. Bose is said to have died bleeding and unattended.

When the matter came to others’ attention, the police were informed. The police arrived from the Nellyadi outpost and arrested Sunny.

Superintendent Dr Sharanappa also visited the spot and guided the investigations.

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