Queries Galore from Citizens during Interaction Programme with Mayor at KCCI

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Queries Galore from Citizens during Interaction Programme with Mayor at KCCI

Queries Galore from Citizens during Interaction with MCC Mayor Kavitha Sanil at Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) Hall-Bunder-Mangaluru on 26 October

Mangaluru: Even though Mangaluru City Corporation Mayor Kavitha Sanil has been taking calls from citizens of Mangaluru pertaining to various civic issues, and thereby rectifying most of them by directing the MCC officials during the monthly Phone-In Programme- In addition to this an Interaction Programme was organized by Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) -Mangaluru on 26 October, where KCCI members and citizens of Mangaluru were invited to put forth any civic issues they faced in the City. The response was great with a large number of citizens showing up for the programme, and posing quite a few queries to the Mayor on civic problems.

Following the welcome address by Ms Vathika Pai-the KCCI President, she handed over a memorandum to MCC Mayor Kavitha Sanil comprising of the following issues for Mayor’s kind attention and so that she can take appropriate action and do the needful at the earliest:

Traffic congestion:

This is a problem which, with the city’s growth, is going to get far worse with time. All the plans to de-congest the city centre, be it the flyover at Hampankatta, or shifting of the bus stand to the outskirts, construction of the ring roads are to be given serious consideration. With the growing number of vehicles on City roads, multi-level parking at prominent locations is the need of the hour. Also, with the advent of the malls in Mangalore, all local traders are losing out on business due to parking issues at their locations. MLPs will go a long way in ensuring these businesses become accessible.

Traffic congestion at Nantoor and Pumpwell junction need urgent attention as there is hardly a day which goes by without some minor accident taking place as all commuters tend to lose patience due to the daily traffic jams taking place and in their hurry to move on they tend to brush against adjacent or oncoming vehicles. A fair thought should be given to constructing an overhead flyover on the NH -66 at Nanthoor Junction and expedite the work going on at the Pumpwell Junction. This will definitely lead to a smooth flow of traffic and reduce the time stuck in traffic. The widening of surrounding arterial roads, which have not been widened so far would also promote the smooth flow of traffic at both the junctions.

Footpaths for pedestrians:

Pedestrian infrastructure should not take a backseat in the planning of our city. The drain covers which pass for footpaths are hazardous, to say the least. Attention needs to be paid to widening footpaths just like roads. Wherever road widening and concretization takes place, footpaths have to be constructed immediately.

Public Transport:

Bus and public transport should be made senior citizen friendly, as most of the buses at present have a high floor with steps about 18 inches in height, which are too high for the aged to climb. Most of the bus and taxi terminals do not have sufficient waiting shelter for the general public, putting the senior citizens to greater hardship.

Designated Parking and E-toilets at prominent places:

It is necessary to demarcate parking slots at key places in the city so that it decongests the traffic and also prevents reckless parking. Also, E -toilets are to be installed and promoted at parks, playgrounds and such other places which attract visitors all round the year. As KCCI had mentioned to the Mayor earlier, E- toilets of International standards are proposed to be set up at all tourist places visited by foreign tourists coming by the International Cruise Liners. KCCI request you to also support the same by fulfilling the necessary electricity and water requirements at these places. Waste Management is also another area where we need to chalk out proper plans to face this challenge in the coming years.

Water Conservation and Management :

Water Conservation and Management is also the need of the hour. The city has faced problems in the past causing inconvenience to many of its citizens. MCC should become more aggressive in promoting water harvesting, rainwater harvesting in apartments, complexes, and houses. Auditing and Demarcation and protection of water bodies like lakes and freshwater streams is also required to be done as a priority. Also regarding Drainage Facilities, there are quite a few residential areas in the city of Mangalore which do not have drainage facilities till date. It is very necessary to ensure they are covered under UGD.


Mangalore and Dakshina Kannada do not enjoy the rightful place of importance in the Map of Economic Activities in Karnataka. It has received step-motherly treatment regarding promotion of Manufacturing activities and employment generation. In the bargain, the best brains of this District have migrated out of this area for better prospects. It is necessary to ensure that the economic activities in this area are given a boost. KCCI urges you to promote BRAND MANGALORE so that our talent pool is retained in the city and is not absorbed into Bengaluru.

Promote Tourism:

There has been so much talk about the tourism potential of Mangaluru for many years now. We have been blessed to support every form of tourism, be it eco-tourism, beach tourism, cruise tourism, adventure tourism, religious tourism, health tourism and so on.However, our efforts to promote tourism have not been sufficient. A clear roadmap for the future of sustainable Tourism is very important. Proper action to be initiated to eradicate Malaria, Dengue and Waterborne diseases in the City. This will affect Tourism and people at large in D. K. District.

Basic Infrastructure at Yeyyady:

Yeyyady Industrial Area does not have basic infrastructures such as Road Lighting, Waste Management, Water Supply from the Corporation, Drainage Facility and Conditioned Roads. KCCI requests you to kindly expedite the process for the benefit of the industries thriving at Yeyyady.

Smart City:

Mangaluru has been chosen for the Smart City Project, but it seems to have lost momentum in the last few months. We do not hear or see any development in its implementation. We request you to expedite the same so that our citizens are able to reap benefits from the project.

In response to the queries/suggestions mentioned in the Memorandum, Mayor Kavitha Sanil addressing the gathering clarified on most of them saying, ” We are seeking funds under the second phase of the ADB-funded project for the up-gradation of infrastructure facilities and other issues at the Yeyyadi Industrial area. To undertake and provide the infrastructure facilities such as UGD and storm water drains we need around Rs 80 lakh. Very soon we will lay a foundation for the ‘Zero Traffic Tolerance Road’ between PVS Junction and Lady Hill Junction. Other civic issues mentioned in the memorandum will be looked over and action would be taken soon”.

“Regarding the detailed project report for Kankanady Pumpwell Bus Stand is ready and the work will commence soon. MCC is looking for a suitable land for a multi-level vehicle parking. Regarding dilapidated or incomplete footpaths, a tender has been received from a contractor, and the same has been forwarded to the Deputy Commissioner for approval- and once it is approved the work will commence soon. Even though the City has 5 E-toilets, we have requested the concerned company to construct mores such toilets by utilizing the CSR funds” added Mayor.

From a request from the KCCI regarding the pathetic condition of the road right in front of KCCI building, located in Bunder area, the Mayor assured that under the Smart City since Bunder is also included, development work will commence soon in this area where DPR is being finalized for the same- and regarding the dilapidated road near KCCI will be replaced with interlock very soon. “Regarding waste disposal, the citizens also need to cooperate with MCC- in spite of many requests made to segregate wet and dry waste before handing over to the waste collectors, but still people don’t do it- where separating wet and dry waste is a hassle and waste of time for the Pourakarmikas. I kindly once again request the citizens of Mangaluru to cooperate in this regard” added the Mayor.

During the interaction with the audience, the Mayor was asked a bunch of civic issue questions, a few of them like- lack of footpath between KSRTC bus stand and Saibeen Complex/MCC building junction, where the footpath is being occupied by flower vendors, a mobile canteen and other street vendors; Encroachment issues near Kuntikhan junction; Unscientific work of stormwater drains and frequent digging of roads for cable laying work at various spots in the City; Problems faced by senior citizens walking or crossing city roads; to make trade licence issue and renewal process online; etc etc- In response Mayor assured that she will consider all these issues very seriously and will follow up with the concerned MCC officials, and see that they are rectified soon.

C G Prashanth -Hon. Secretary of KCCI proposed the vote of thanks, while Abdul Hameed- VP, Issac Vas-Treasurer and Shashidar Pai Maroor-Hon. Secretary-all of KCCI were on the dais.

Vathika Pai – the Youngest President of KCCI:

At the 77th Annual General Meeting of the Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industry held in September 2017, Ms Vathika Pai was unanimously elected as the President of KCCI for the year 2017-18. She is the 53rd President of KCCI, and also the youngest president at the age of 28 years. The newly elected Board of KCCI for the year 2017-2018 is as follows

President of KCCI- Vathika Pai

Sitting from left to right: M. Ganesh Bhat – Director, Isaac Vas – Hon. Treasurer, P. B. Abdul Hameed – Vice President, Ms Vathika Pai – President, Shashidhar Pai Maroor – Hon. Secretary, Prashanth C.G. – Hon. Secretary, Nitte Yathiraj Shetty – Director.

Standing from left to right : K. Ganesh Kamath, Aditya Padmanabha Pai, Amith Ramachandra Acharya, Praveen Kumar Bangera, Ananth G. Pai, Nissar Fakeer Mohammed, B.A.Nazeer, Ananthesh V. Prabhu, and K. Dinesh Rao, Directors.

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