Racism is distraction to humanity: Kanye West

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Los Angeles, Feb 18 (IANS) Rapper Kanye West feels that focusing on racism is a “distraction to humanity”.

The 37-year-old, who is married to reality TV star Kim Kardashian, says he can’t understand why people feel so strongly about others from a different race and has urged people to help each other to “clean-up” the world rather than destroy it, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

“Racism and the focus on racism is a distraction to humanity. It would be like focusing on the cousin from your mom’s side versus the cousin on your dad’s side. We’re all cousins. We’re all the same race,” Style.com quoted West as saying.

“To even focus on the concept of race, it’s like — perhaps people give me an extra cookie for the fact that my colour palette is so controlled and I’m black. We came into a broken world. And we’re the cleanup crew. And we’re only cleaning up by helping each other,” he added.

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