Radhika Apte to star in an action-horror film

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After ‘Phobia’, Radhika Apte to star in an action-horror film

Mumbai, June 14 (IANS) Actress Radhika Apte, who featured in the psychological thriller “Phobia” recently, will soon be seen in an action horror film, which is co-produced by Phantom production house.

“Now I am doing a real horror film, which is called ‘Ghoul’. Phantom is producing it with Ivanhoe, Blumhouse and it is an action horror film. I am playing the lead and I’m very excited,” Radhika said in an interview.


The film is reportedly being directed by Patrick Graham and the story is about a prisoner. Radhika will reportedly start shooting for it this month.

Radhika has previously collaborated with Phantom production house in the film “Hunterrr”. She has also worked with one of the members of the production house, Anurag Kashyap, in a short film which had grabbed headlines for her ‘nude’ scene.

Radhika, of late, has been seen in numerous films based on thriller or suspense elements, first with the short film “Ahalya” and then “Phobia” which released a few days back.

About “Phobia”, she said, “Several people messaged me that ‘I want to watch it but i’ll not be able to watch it as it is very scary’. I’m also very scared of horror films and this is not a horror film because it is not about it; it’s about her phobia; it’s about that girl.”

About the compliments coming her way, she said, “My parents really liked the film and they were really happy. Amongst the compliments, Harsh Kulkarni, a very good friend of mine, the director of ‘Hunterrr’ whose opinion I regard very highly. He told me that he was trying to find Radhika, a moment of me and it wasn’t there.

So I think it was a great compliment. Whoever saw the film really liked it, received a good response from them. That really makes me happy.”

Radhika played a woman suffering from agoraphobia in the film. How did she feel after seeing herself on the big screen in such a role?

“You see your own film and your own reaction is like ‘oh my god’, ‘I did this’, ‘I should’ve done that’, you’re never satisfied, you’re cringing and always finding faults.”

Radhika will also be seen in the Rajinikanth-starrer “Kabali” soon.

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