Rajya Sabha runs smoothly for first time in Winter Session

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Rajya Sabha runs smoothly for first time in Winter Session

New Delhi: The Rajya Sabha on Thursday functioned smoothly and completed the zero and question hours for the first time in this Winter Session of Parliament.

As the House met for the day, Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu, appealed to the members to “see to it that the House functions” as very few working days are left in the session.

“Once again I would like to appeal to sections of the House to see that the House is allowed to function. We have only three more working days, including today in the current session. There are very important issues, including ordinances and some important bills on which there is broad consensus. We are not sending a correct message by not working,” Naidu said.

He regretted that in the last 13 working days, the Upper House failed to transact any business, and added that when it came to asking for holidays there ‘seemed to be a consensus’ but when it came to the working of the House there “seems to be some reservations in some people’s minds”.

“I appeal to everyone of you, please cooperate,” he said.

The session has seen a washout amid protest by AIADMK and DMK members who would come near the Chair’s podium and shout slogans against Meketadu dam on the Cauvery river in Karnataka.

On Wednesday, the Chair named the agitating members of Tamil Nadu-based parties and asked them to withdraw from the House. However, the members stayed put.

On Thursday, Naidu expressed concern over the members’ behaviour and said that members were expected to follow the Chair’s directives.

“I feel very sad about what happened yesterday. Once the Chair says something it should be followed by every member. If members say ‘no we don’t follow’, then how is the House going to function?” Naidu said.

He said some people are saying that the Chairman was not doing anything (to ensure smooth functioning of the House). I have spoken to those members who are agitating more than 10 times. Maybe, more than that. I have also spoken with other opposition leaders,” he said.

Afterwards, the House resumed the proceedings and members raised their Zero Hour issues. Later, the Question Hour also ran smoothly.

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