Ramachandra Hegde to be Bestowed with ‘Mayura Vishwamanya Kannadiga Award’ by Sharjah Karnataka Sangha

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Ramachandra Hegde to be Bestowed with ‘Mayura Vishwamanya Kannadiga Award’ by Sharjah Karnataka Sangha

UAE: Karnataka Sangha Sharjah will be celebrating their 17th anniversary along with 64th Karnataka Rajyotsava Day and Children’s Day celebration on Friday the 15th of November, 2019 from 4 pm at Sharjah Indian Association Auditorium, Sharjah.

As was done in the past, Sharjah Karnataka Sangha on this occasion will be doing the honours of presenting ‘Mayura Vishwmanya Kannadiga Award – 2019’ to the identified Kannadiga who have contributed towards Kannada in this part of the world. And this time, Ramachandra Hegde, Managing Director of Spraytek Coating / Contracting LLC has been chosen as awardee for the year 2019 who will be honoured in midst of various Guests who will be gracing the grand occasion.


Hailing from the beautiful land of Karkala, Udupi District, Karnataka State, Ramachandra Hegde was born in the year 1958 to parents Achutha Hegde & Geetha Hegde. He completed his education at Karkala Bhuvanendra College with B.Com. Degree. Later he travelled and started his career in Mumbai. In the course of his career he got an opportunity to land in Dubai and served for a construction company.

With his vast experience in the construction sector and to make his dream come true, he floated his own company; Spraytek Contracting LLC and Spraytek Coating LLC which is running successfully in UAE for quite some time now. Initially, the Spraytek Group was formed in 1975 to supply specialty chemicals and materials for the construction and oil & gas industries. Later in the year 1990 Spraytek Coatings was formed to manufacture specialized chemicals & materials to supply for the construction industry in UAE. Today his company has grown to be a leading reputable manufacturer with unit situated in Ajman and head office at Dubai.

Ramachandra Hegde has given the opportunity for more than 600 people mostly from India who are serving in his company and whose families back in their home town are depending on them.

In 1992 he married Kalpana Hegde and is blessed with two beautiful daughters Rachana & Aishwarya who together are enjoying family life in Dubai.

Though fully occupied with his business, he never ignored his community where he had successfully served as a President of his own Amchigele Samaj (GSB) Community organization doing social works to community as well as to Kannadigas in large. His association has been doing Blood Donation campaigns and other charity works which have helped many people. Not limited to that, the association he headed had provided a platform for various children in art and other cultural activities thus exploring their talents in various occasions and honouring them. Picnics, Sports activities, Pooja programmes, Cultural activities were some of the events Ramachandra Hegde had created to support and promote budding talents of the Samaj.

Ramachandra Hegde has been promoting various Karnataka based organisations in UAE every year by sponsoring their various events. Be it Yakshagana Ballet, Drama, Musical Evenings, Picnics, Sports Days, Annual Day Celebrations or any such social events, he has never said no to any of these programmes. He has been smilingly monetarily and personally supporting almost all Cultural & Association Events of Kannadigas in the UAE thus promoting various languages of Karnataka and uplifting the Culture and Folk.

Not only in UAE, Ramachandra Hegde is also well known in his hometown supporting needy talented children in their education and helping the poor and the needy. He has been doing this for decades as a part of his ‘giving back to the community’ where he has come from and thus adding values. This has helped a lot of his people in the community to better their living.

Hence, identifying his community service and various contribution to the society, Sharjah Karnataka Sangha on this special occasion of ‘Karnataka Rajyotsava Day Celebration & Anniversary programme of 2019 will be felicitating Ramachandra Hegde with ‘Mayura Viswamanya Kannadiga’ Award.

On behalf of all the Karnataka based Associations and Kannadigas in UAE, we congratulate him.

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