Ramakrishna Mission Holds 12 Cleanliness Drives of Swacch Mangaluru Abhiyan

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Ramakrishna Mission Holds 12 Cleanliness Drives of Swacch Mangaluru Abhiyan

Manaluru: Sixth week of 12 cleanliness drives of the 400 Abhiyans being organised by Ramakrishna Mission, Mangaluru took off on Sunday, the 13th November at 12 different venues in the city.




53 Ganapathi High School Road – The cleanliness drive was organised in association with Ganapathi High school. Swami Jitakamanandaji of Ramakrishna Math, Mangalore and Renuka Bangera, AGM, Karnataka Bank jointly flagged off the drive. Mahesh Bondala, Ramachandra Rao and others actively participated in the drive. GHS Road and surroundings were cleaned.

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54 Kottara Chowki – Members of Kumara Gym Friends took up the cleanliness drive in Kottara Chowki area. Swami Dharmavratanandaji flagged off the drive. Yashwant Acharya and team took a lot of pains to clean the big pillars supporting the flyovers of hundreds of posters and have painted the beautiful paintings about cleanliness thus creating an awareness among the passersby. Harish Shetty, Local Corporator, Purushottam Pujari and other eminent persons actively participated in the cleanliness drive. Kiran Kumar of Kumar Gym guided the volunteers.





55 Hampankatta – The members of Sri Krishna Bhavan Auto drivers Union carried out the cleanliness drive surrounding Mini Vidhana Soudha and Taluk Panchayat office area in Hampankatta. Swami Jitakamanandaji and Sriramanna jointly flagged off the drive. Dilraj Alva, Convener, Swacch Mangaluru Abhiyan guided the volunteers in the drive. Ganesh Bolar and Naveen coordinated the drive. The area used by thousands of public every day was cleaned thoroughly.




56 Padil – The members of Navajyothi Mahila Mandali, Navakeerthi Yuvaka Mandala and Youth centre jointly carried out the cleanliness drive in Padil Veeranagar area. Sudhir Shetty Kannur and Sundar Veernagar jointly flagged off the drive. Uday K P led and guided the team of 75 members into 3 groups and cleaned the roads. Four roads were cleaned. They also cleaned a bus shelter and repainted it giving a much-needed facelift. Kodange Balakrishna Naik coordinated the drive.




57 Mulihithlu – Members of Amba Maheshwari Bhajana Mandali under the leadership of Seetharam cleaned tailary road area in Mulihithlu. Sri Raghav A and Bhujanga Shetty flagged off the drive. About 60 members of the team cleared the heaps of debris near Daivasthana in that area. Using JCB and tipper, they removed the stones and mud lying there for years together and helped the pedestrians and motorists for easy movement. Umanath Kotekar coordinated the drive.

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58 Mannagudda – The Members of Team Vivek carried out the cleanliness drive in and around Gandhi Park in Mannagudda area. Capt. Ganesh Karnik, MLC and Jayanthi Acharya, local corporator jointly flagged off the drive. Mohan Acharya guided the volunteers in cleaning the area. Sujith Pratap coordinated the drive.





59 Nandigudda – The Students of Sahyadri Engineering College under the able leadership of Sreelatha carried out the cleanliness drive near Koti Channayya Circe in Nandigudda area. Deepak and Suchetha, both lecturers of Sahyadri Engineering college flagged off the drive. Br. Nishchay initiated the work through invocation. About 60 students worked for 2 hours cleaning the nooks and corners in that area. Vitthaladas Prabhu and Shishir Amin coordinated the drive.





60 Kodialbail – The members of Prerana Team took up the cleanliness drive in and around PVS Circle area. K Devaraj, Director, SDM PG Centre and Prabhakar Rao jointly flagged off the drive. Satish Upadhyaya led and guided the team of 75 volunteers in cleaning the roads leading to PVS circle. They cleaned the footpaths as well. Several Senior citizens actively participated in the drive. Prof. Mahesh KB, Lecturer, GFGC, Mangalore coordinated the drive.

61 Valencia – Volunteers from Bhandari Foundation joined the Swacch Mangaluru team at Valencia area outside the premises of Roshni Nilaya. Mallesh and Sreelatha of Sahyadri Engineering College flagged off the drive. About 60 students spent more than 2 hours cleaning the area. Mehboob and Dhanush coordinated the volunteers.

62 Deralakatte – Medical Students of the 2nd year of Justice K S Hegde Medical Academy (Kshema) carried out the Cleanliness drive in Deralakatte area. About 50 students participated in the drive that lasted nearly two hours. Dr Shivakumar Hiremath and Dr Satish Rao jointly flagged off the drive. Heaps of garbage lying on the pavements and footpaths were cleared.





63 Merlapadavu – Students of Srinivasa Engineering College and the public of Merlapadavu Village jointly carried out the cleanliness drive in the village. Harshith and Ashok Kottari, lecturers of the college flagged off the drive. Abhishek and Jagadeesh coordinated the drive.

64 Pachnadi – The members of Namo Sena Youth team joined the Ramakrishna Mission in the cleanliness drive in Pachnadi area. Mohan Pachnadi, Ravindra Nayak, Sandeep Bondel and others actively participated in the drive.

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  1. Great job and great coverage by this portal. Unlike other portals and media outlets based in mangaluru, this site has always stood by these patriotic, honest volunteers doing their best to keep our city clean and build a better future. This should transcend all religious and political affiliations. Unfortunately, many communities and political parties are still reluctant to do the right thing for future generation. May imaginary god bless them with more wisdom and less hatred!!

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