Ramakrishna Mission Holds 7 cleanliness drives at 12th Swacch Mangaluru Abhiyan

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Ramakrishna Mission Holds 7 cleanliness drives at 12th Swacch Mangaluru Abhiyan

Mangaluru: Twelfth week of 7 cleanliness drives of the 400 Abhiyans being organized by Ramakrishna Mission took off on Sunday, the 1st January at 7 different locations in the city.

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157 Mangaladevi – Members of Nivedita Balaga and Bhagini Samaj took up the cleanliness drive in Mangaladevi Area. About 65 dustbins were distributed among shopkeepers in Mangaladevi area on an experimental basis. Capt. Ganesh Karnik distributed the dustbins on behalf of the Ashrama. All the shopkeepers were asked to purchase the dustbins to instill in them a sense of responsibility for the cleanliness. Shanthi Pai and Vijayalakshmi Bhat jointly flagged off the drive. Since two weeks, members under the guidance of Rathna Alva and Vijayalakshmi visited door to door in the area creating awareness among the locals. Later the members cleaned the surroundings of Cascia High school. Umanath Kotekar welcomed the gathering. Sathyanarayana K V coordinated the team.

158 Mangalore Central Station – Students of Saraswat Education Trust carried out the drive on roads in front of Mangalore Central Station. Vittal Shenoy and Amith Ariya jointly flagged off the drive. More than 300 student volunteers from Parijnana PU College, Kotekar, Ganapathi PU College, Ganapathi Eng. Medium Highschool joined the team of volunteers in the cleanliness drive and cleaned the roads and the drains under the leadership of Mahesh Bondal. Suresh Shetty coordinated the team.

159 Kutthar Junction – Members of Deralakatte Rotary club carried out the cleanliness drive from Kutthar Junction to Yenepoya Hospital. Capt. Ganesh Karnik and Ravindra Shetty jointly flagged off the drive. P D Shetty welcomed the gathering. Dr Satish Rao, N T Ramakrishna Naik and several others actively participated in the drive. Students of Vidyarathna English Medium School and Sri Nityadhara English Medium School participated in the drive. The team cleaned both sides of the road and removed about four loads of dumped garbage using JCB and tipper. Vikramadatta and Latif coordinated the team.

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160 Bejai – Members of Mangalore Senior Citizens Forum carried out the cleanliness drive in Bejai area. Ranganath and Vinod Shenoy jointly flagged off the drive. The team cleaned the surroundings of Bejai Market and Bejai Church. Local corporator Prakash Salian and President of Senior Citizens Forum Ramesh Rao actively participated in the drive. Students of Srinivas Engineering college helped the team. Mehboob and Ramkumar Bekal coordinated the team.

161 Kotekar – Members of Sri Ayyappaswamy Bhajana Mandira carried out the cleanliness drive in Kotekar area. Swami Dharmavratanandaji and Guruswamy Lingappa Gatti jointly flagged off the drive. Using the JCB the road leading from Kotekar to Someshwar was thoroughly cleaned. Dhanalaxmi Gatty, Uday Kumar Shetty, Rajesh Uchchila and others actively participated in the drive.

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162 Mulihithlu – The members of Sri Amba Maheshwari Bhajana Mandira took up the drive in Mulihithlu area. Latha Prakash Shetty and Hema Balakrishna flagged off the drive. Under the guidance of Dilraj Alva the garbage dumping place has been beautifully converted into a garden in that area. An Awareness board was put up this time. After such a successful experiment, another dumping place is slowly being converted into a garden in the same area. Niketan Shetty coordinated the team.

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163 Yekkur – The members of Ayyappaswamy Mandira and Hindu Yuva Sene took up the drive in Hindu Nagar of Yekkur area. Yashodhara Chowta and Hemalatha Manohar flagged off the drive. Chitra Vijayan, Ravichandra Yekkur, Rajgopal Yekkur and about 70 members actively cleaned the area for about 3 hours.

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Swacch Puttur – Under the Guidance of Ramakrishna Mission, Swacch Puttur team carried out the second drive in Puttur today. The drive was organized in the surroundings of Manjalpadpu Petrol Bunk area. Shivashankar Bonanathaya and Vivek Shenoy flagged off the drive. A circle near Puttur Bypass and the road leading to the main road which was neglected for years was renovated and repainted by the team led by G Krishna. Volunteers of Sri Ramachandrapura Math, Omkar Friends, Kallare, Janajagruti Samiti, Puttur and more than 250 people of Puttur actively participated in the drive. Srikrishna Upadhyaya and Shyama Sudarshan Bhat coordinated the volunteers.

Contact Swami Ekagamyanandaji, Co-convener for more details at 9448353162

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