Ramakrishna Mission Volunteers Create Awareness on Hygiene, Clean Various Areas in City

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Ramakrishna Mission Volunteers Create Awareness on Hygiene, Clean Various Areas in City

Mangaluru: Ramakrishna Mission holds daily awareness campaign in connection with its Swacch Mangaluru Abhiyan from 16 February 2018 to 02 March 2018 in various places in the city.

Mulihithlu: Members of Sri Amba Maheshwari Bhajana Mandir carried out 65th day’s awareness campaign in Mulihithlu. Umanath Kotekar led 2 groups of volunteers who visited houses and shops from door to door distributing awareness handbills and urging the public to keep their surroundings clean. They also appealed to the builders of the ongoing construction sites to stress on hygiene.

Koti Channaya Circle: Volunteers had noticed that public used to litter from Koti Channaya circle to Mangaladevi on the roadsides. About 60 members of Vivekananda Youth Forum visited about 200 local shops and houses in 5 groups and created awareness by handing over awareness pamphlets and urging them to keep their surroundings clean. 66th Day’s Abhiyan was coordinated by Nallur Sachin Shetty & Abhishek V S.

Alake: Youths of Alake visited shops in Alake main road and appealed to them to give more importance to cleanliness. Krishna Prasad Shetty coordinated 67th daily Abhiyan.

Old Kent Road: In the 68th day’s Abhiyan, about 50 employees of Sriram Transport Finance under DGM Sharatchandra visited Police quarters, RTO, Fire services and other govt. offices and urged the officials to keep their surroundings clean and appeal to their neighbours to keep the locality clean. They also visited several households distributing awareness handbills.

Attavar: Members of Team Attavar carried out 69th Daily Abhiyan near Attavar centre & surroundings of Attavar Katte. Volunteers under Akshith Attavar & Mohammad Shameem visited shops & houses in 2 groups distributing handbills. Members of City Friends & students of SM Kushe school participated in the drive.

Bhavanthi Street: devotees of Sri Gokarna Math carried out 70th Daily Abhiyan in Nandadeepa Road. Chandrakanth Kulkarni of Pune, known for his work on Swacch Bharath addressed the volunteers on this occasion and motivated them. Damodar Bhat, Dinakar Kamath and many other volunteers actively participated and visited nearly 150 households and shops.

Urwa Market: Student inmates of OBC Hostel carried out 71st Day’s Abhiyan in Urwa Market premises. They met each and every businessman and shopkeeper and urged them to keep their surroundings clean and keep dustbins to encourage the customers to use them. They also visited several households in Gandhi Nagar area. More than 50 students under the guidance of Vittaldas Prabhu visited the shops in 4 groups. Mahalakshmi Bolar, warden of the hostel coordinated the drive.

Mallikatte: Lions club members visited houses from KSRTC bus stop to Mallikatta circle and created awareness in them about the ill –effects of unscientific disposal of garbage and their responsibility in preventing this. They also distributed handbills on awareness. 72nd Day’s Abhiyan was attended by Lancy Masacarenus, Suresh Shetty, Sadashiva Rai, Uma Rao & many others.

Jyothi Circle: Members of Hindu Warriors carried out 73rd Day’s awareness campaign from Jyothi Circle to Balmatta. Shashikanth Bethangady, Sowmya Kodikal and other volunteers visited shops and appealed to them to keep their surroundings clean. Souraj Mangalore and other volunteers removed the roadside banners.

Mannagudda: Members of Team Art of Living under the guidance of Sadashiva Kamath visited houses in the vicinity of Mannagudda Gurji and distributed awareness handbills and urged the locals not to throw garbage on the roadsides and use dustbins instead. Madhuraj, Jayasadhana Prasad and many others participated in the 74th Day’s Abhiyan.




Br Shivakumar of Ramakrishna Math led the daily Abhiyan on behalf of Ramakrishna Mission. Umanath Kotekar coordinated the daily awareness campaign. MRPL is sponsoring this drive.

Swami Chidambarananda (Chief Convener)
Swami Ekagamyananda, Convener
Ramakrishana Mission Swacchata Abhiyan)
Contact: 9448353162

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  1. God bless all those who invest their time and effort in the seeking the betterment of their people and their villages, towns, cities, and their surroundings, with their Awareness Campaign, which is aptly right.

    People must stop spitting, littering, and urinating in the streets – and a survey will conclude that only MEN are behind all the miseries of the society in general. They purchase ghutka and litter the packs and spit it out when done, they purchase beedis or cigarettes and throw the butts around, they urinate in street corners, and only they rape and murder! So in general, MEN must be made more aware of the nuisance they are to Society in general. Their awareness can only bring about a true change.

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