Ramya tweets morphed pic of Hitler with Modi’s, faces flak

Ramya tweets morphed pic of Hitler with Modi’s, faces flak

Bengaluru: Congress’ social media chief Ramya was ridiculed by the BJP on Monday after she tweeted a “photoshopped” image of Adolf Hitler juxtaposed with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “What are your thoughts?” Ramya asked, with an image of Hitler holding a child’s ear with a similar one of Modi holding a child’s ear.

“Light travels faster than sound. But her desperation travels faster than both. Funny how she has time to photoshop and post morphed pictures but no time to vote!” BJP Karnataka tweeted in response.

Ramya’s tweet was seen as an extension of Congress leaders frequently likening Modi to Hitler to prove their point that Modi is as “autocratic” as the German Third Reich leader.

BJP leader Shobha Karandlaje called Ramya a loser, a reference to her 2014 defeat in the Mandya Lok Sabha constituency. “Another level of desperateness from a loser! Lost relevance in party, Mandya rejected massively & lost credibility for not turning up to exercise her democratic right. Shame on you & Congress for peddling lies & spreading photoshopped image to defame democratically elected PM!” she tweeted. An hour after she tweeted the image, Ramya retweeted Alt News founder-editor Pratik Sinha’s tweet debunking the photo.

“That Hitler’s photo has been photoshopped to make it look like Narendra Modi’s. Also, that at least social media heads of parties shouldn’t be falling for stuff that’s already been debunked,” Sinha wrote.

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