Rashid Center for Diabetes & Research joins hands with Gulf Medical University for..

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Rashid Center for Diabetes & Research joins hands with Gulf Medical University for strategic collaboration on diabetes research, training and lifestyle management

Ajman: In a bid to dramatically improve the UAE’s ability to conduct translational research that can lead to important applications for human health, Rashid Centre for Diabetes Research (RCDR) and Gulf Medical University (GMU) have joined hands to accelerate and expand research, education services and comprehensive care of diabetic patients.

The partnership was announced during a special lecture organized at GMU on, “Evolution of Clinical Research Unit at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City Ajman (SKMCA) and Future Strategies”, delivered by renowned Prof. Salahedeen Abusnana, Chief Medical Officer of Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Ajman and Hospital Director of Rashid Center for Diabetes and Research on January 29, 2017.

“Research institutions in the UAE must join hands to exchange knowledge and initiate joint research programs to ensure that the country achieves international standards in combating diabetes and lifestyle diseases,” said Prof. Salahedeen Abusnana.

Outlining the research initiatives undertaken by SKMCA, Prof. Salahedeenadded that as a leading medical university in the region with world-class facilities, GMU would make an ideal partner for SKMCA to empower education, training and healthcare activities. “To carry out successful research, it is imperative to define the research strategy, prioritize and stay focused. Unless institutions collaborate with each other, its research will lack direction. GMU partnering with SKMCA leads to mutually beneficial opportunities like developing specialized courses for nurses, paramedics and providing training programs to healthcare workforce.

Terming GMU’s facilities “fantastic,” Prof. Salahedeen said that by bringing together the scientists, and clinician investigators from across the two centres, UAE will greatly expand the development of new technologies needed to tackle major health challenges.

The event was also attended by GMU Chancellor, Prof. Hossam Hamdy, Provost Prof. Gita Ashok Raj and deans of the various colleges under GMU.

Prof. Hamdy stated, “We are honored to develop a strategic alliance with Rashid Centre for Diabetes Research (RCDR) which has become a leading institute in the Gulf and across the globe for diabetes. GMU’s new strategic plan emphasizes the importance of collaborative work with all institutions in the field of academics, healthcare and research. Soon, GMU will become the fist-academic healthcare system in the UAE.”

Thanking Prof. Salahedeen’s gesture to conduct a high-profile lecture, Professor Hossam Hamdy, said: “We are at an inflection point in research and training were looking at the big picture would transform UAE’s healthcare workforce, saving millions of lives. We believe that the creation of a new collaborative model can overcome many of the obstacles that currently prevent research breakthroughs. Working closely with Prof. Salahedeen’s team and more than 30 industry partners, the Gulf Medical University would be positioned to broadly disseminate discoveries and, most importantly, more rapidly deliver treatments to patients.”

To mark the visit Prof. Hossam Hamdy honoured the visiting dignitary with a special memento.

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