‘Ready to Appoint Successor to Shiroor Math any time’ – Sode Swamiji

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‘Ready to Appoint Successor to Shiroor Math any time’ – Sode Vishwavallabha Swamiji

Udupi: “We are ready to appoint the new successor to Shiroor Math any time and are searching for an eligible successor to the Math,” said Sri Vishwavallabha Theertha Swamiji of the Sode Vadiraj Math. He was speaking to media persons at the Sode Math on Friday, July 27.

The appointment of the new Swamiji to the math may happen any time, given the successor’s horoscope and family history is known, the Swamiji clarified.

He said that there are no objections so far from the families of those who are being considered for the position to the Math. Though there are no written rules to appoint a successor, the successor to the Shiroor Math will be above 18 years of age, he added.

The Swamiji said that he does not know whether the late Shiroor Swamiji had already secretly appointed a junior pontiff. He said, “No one has come forward. The Shiroor Math is not orphaned as described by the media. The Dwandwa (Sode) Math is here to take care of it.”

The Aradhane of late Shiroor Math Sri Lakshmivara Theertha Swamiji, supposed to be held on the 12th or 13th day following his death, will be held once the police hand over the possession of the Math to the Sode Math.

The Brindavan of the late Swamiji will be built on the first anniversary of his death. It happens with every Swamiji who dies and there is no discrimination with the Shiroor Swamiji, he reiterated.

“If everything goes well and the police hand over the Math, the Aradhane ritual of the late Swamiji will be held on July 31. I have spoken to the SP and he has promised to inform about the date when the complete custody of the Sode Math will be handed over to us,” he said.

Sri Vishwavallabha Theertha Swamiji added that he is not aware of the Shiroor Math’s assets and loan payment. It was all managed by the late Swamiji. However, a five-member committee will take charge once the police investigation is completed. A Shiroor Math representative will also be the part of the committee, he said.

Sri Vishwavallabha Theertha Swamiji said, “The Sode Math and all the other Maths are very cooperative with the police investigation. The Puja and other rituals at the original Shiroor Math are held regularly. The Homas are held every day and the Ranga Puja is also performed.”

Sri Vishwavallabha Theertha Swamiji of Sode Math expressed displeasure over the special debates, Breaking News, Reports, coming out on TV channels after the mysterious death of Sri Lakshmivara Theertha Swamiji of Shiroor Math.

“We do not need publicity, many TV channels have targeted the Swamijis Asta Maths and aired false news against them which was hurt me. We cannot hear those allegations. If we have not done any mistake, how then we can tolerate such allegations?”, he questioned.

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