Reality shows dying out: Sharon Corr

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Los Angeles, June 15 (IANS) Singer Sharon Corr thinks “The X Factor” is “appalling” as it is giving young artists the “wrong impression” about life in the music industry.

The 45-year-old singer has slammed the popular singing competition and believes it misguides new artists, reports

Corr, who has appeared as a judge on the Irish version of rival singing show “The Voice”, said on a radio show: “I think reality shows are dying out. The reason I did ‘The Voice’ was because I rated it. I felt like it was the antidote to ‘The X Factor’, which I think is appalling.

“On ‘The X Factor’ you’d almost think that these judges could put these bands together and somehow they have this amazing foresight and they know how to make people superstars. They don’t. Superstars are born. They work at it. They work at their job. They make music. They sing brilliantly. They play brilliantly. You don’t make that. You know what I mean, that is made and it involves a lot of hard work.”

However, Corr added that “The Voice” is different as it has blind audition process.

“’The Voice’ I liked because of the blind audition. You couldn’t choose anybody because they were good looking.

“There’s a perception out there that you need to be good looking but some of the greatest people in this industry haven’t exactly been supermodels.”

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