Rebel Wilson, Kelly Osbourne ask Justin Bieber out on date

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Las Vegas, Jan 22 (IANS) Actress-comedienne Rebel Wilson and actress-singer Kelly Osbourne asked pop star Justin Bieber out on a date at a Jennifer Lopez concert here.

Wilson and Osbourne, who claimed to be successful in their mission, even showed how to be pickup artists like them by sharing evidence of their conversation with Bieber.

Both of them took to their own Instagram accounts to post a photograph of a handwritten note in which they introduced themselves to Bieber and seduced him, reports

“Dear Justin, my name is Kelly Osbourne and my name is Rebel Wilson. We think you should take our sexy hot a**es out after the show (nothing weird),” the note read.

They also drew a “yes” and “no” box and Justin apparently responded to the invitation by putting a tick mark on the “yes” box.

They didn’t stop there as Osbourne shared another image of a handwritten note in which they asked Bieber whether he would be taking them to his hotel or their hotel.

“This s**t between @rebelwilson @justinbieber and I is getting #real,” the former “Fashion Police” co-host captioned it.

Bieber gets flirty with Ariana Grande on Instagram

 Pop star Justin Bieber wrote a flirtatious comment on singer Ariana Grande’s Instagram video.

“Damn Ariana, you look so good,” he wrote on the comment section of Grande’s video, reports

In the video that caught the “Hello” singer’s attention, Grande flaunted a pair of long lashes as she pouted her lips and blew a kiss to the camera.

However, shortly after Bieber’s comment, Grande posted a series of messages on Twitter.

“Lol, no. Not today Satan! Gtg finish this music and live my cute, drama free life!” she tweeted.

TV show ‘Tamanna’ to explore aspiring woman cricketer’s journey

While cricket is almost considered a religion in India, it is often tagged by many as a “male dominated game” and to change this perception, Star Plus has launched its new offering “Tamanna” here.

The show will feature the unconventional tale of an aspiring women cricketer, who travels through different phases in her life to achieve her goals.

Featuring Anuja Sathe as the protagonist Dharaa Solanki, “Tamanna”, which starts on February 1, is a finite series that is touted to challenge the mentality that people that a woman’s dreams come with an expiry date.

“I don’t know why cricket is seen as a male dominated game. There is no expiry date to a woman’s dreams – that’s what the aim of this show is,” Ajinkya Deo, producer of the show, said at the launch.

“There is no big difference in ‘Tamanna’ as compared to other shows. But what sets it apart is its concept. While we see a lot of ‘saas-bahu’ talks in other soap opera, these conversations will be less in ‘Tamanna’,” Deo said.

Apart from Anuja, “Tamanna”, which has been shot across various locations in Gujarat and Mumbai, will also feature Ketki Dave, Kiran Karmarkar, Harsh Chhaya and Vishal Gandhi among others.

As cricket plays a big part in the storyline of “Tamanna”, the show was launched in a unique style where a friendly match was organised between the stars of the show and media persons.

Kiran, best known for his roles in shows like “Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii” and “Uttaran”, said: “I don’t think many of us know how many women cricketers are there. We can’t even name one of them even when we know Saina Nehwal (Badminton player) and Sania Mirza (Tennis player). Every person has the right to live up to his or her dreams. Still very few girls get a chance to fulfill their dreams.”

Talking about her role of Dharaa, Anuja told IANS: “It is a character which I can relate myself to. Though she is simple and belongs to a middle class family, at the same time she is strong and has an unconventional dream of becoming a cricketer.”

Anuja, who has previously worked in few Marathi shows, is making her Hindi TV debut with “Tamannna”.

“I am nervous about getting in front of the national audience. I have worked for six years in Marathi television. But this show is the biggest of all,” she said.

“Tamanna” is said to be an inspiration for those women who feel that their dreams end after marriage and motherhood.

‘Hunger Games’ star Jena Malone is pregnant

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2″ actress Jena Malone has announced her pregnancy on Instagram.

The 31-year-old actress took to the photo-sharing website on Wednesday to post a photograph showing her cradling her small baby bump, reports

“Womb to womb, to beating wing, I climb out of the eternal and into the shape of me,” Malone captioned the scenic picture with a poem she wrote “years ago when I was thinking about my own mother. And the woman she was when she had me. And the woman I was reaching to become.”

“The shape your desires make out of you. The body you have become to hold your dreams. It’s with two feet firmly on the ground and a heart swelling in an ocean of love that I’d like to share the new shape I am becoming to hold the greatest dream of them all #babybump #newparents,” she continued.

She concluded the message saying the Instagram image was taken by her boyfriend Ethan DeLorenzo, whom she referred to as her “beautiful hearted baby daddy.”

Miley Cyrus shocks fans with nipple piercing video

Controversial singer Miley Cyrus shocked her fans with a video of two men performing a nipple piercing on a prosthetic breast.

“Pierce dat b***h,” Cyrus captioned the short clip showing one of the men holding the artificial breast while the other man uses a drill during the painful-looking procedure, reports

The whole thing is fake, of course, but it’s enough to shock the 23-year-old’s followers on the social media.

One fan who thought the video’s a hint that the “Wrecking ball” hitmaker would really pierce her nipple wrote, “Don’t do it, Miley. We love you just the way you are. You are beautiful.”

Some other fans who had planned to pierce theirs said that they changed their minds.

Has Kylie Jenner distanced herself from Tyga?

Reality TV star Kylie Jenner has reportedly distanced herself from her rapper beau Tyga after he was reported to get some wild lap dances at a strip club.

A source claimed that the two were rarely making contact and Kylie became even more sure to stay away from the rapper after he spent a night at strip club Ace of Diamonds here on Monday, reports

“She sends his calls to voice mail and rarely texts with him. And the decision to stay away from him is even easier for Kylie when he spends his nights at strip clubs like he did this week,” the source said.

“The pair, which at one time were inseparable, have been spending less and less time together. They used to be together seven days a week and now she has told him to stay away! He is lucky if he gets to see her every other week,” added the source.

The frequency of their meeting decreased when Tyga moved to his new bachelor pad and Kylie expressed that she was “happy without him.”

Iggy Azalea complains about record label

Rapper Iggy Azalea has revealed in a string of Twitter posts that she’s not allowed to give the first “Digital Distortion” buzz single the proper visuals treatment.

“Bad news update: My record label Virgin/EMI seems to feel the response to my viral record ‘Zillon’ wasn’t good enough and I’m not allowed a video,” Azalea wrote before defending the track and complaining about her record label’s president Ted Cockle, reports

“I felt like it was dope so, whatever. Ted Cockle doesn’t want to see me shine. What can I say,” she continued.

“Anyhow i could say a lot, but I’ll keep it mildly professional. Just wanted to let some of you guys asking know whats happening,” she informed her fans.

Her second album “Digital Distortion” currently has no release date, but is expected to arrive later this year.

In another tweet she shared on Wednesday, she jokingly threatened to let everyone hear songs off the follow-up to 2014’s “The New Classic”.

“If all else fails ill just drive around LA and play my new album really loudly every monday from 4-6 p.m. hahaha,” she wrote.


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