Relationships – Where are we heading?

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The other day, a few of us friends were having dinner together, friendships formed in this country. Three years ago we were absolute strangers! It got me thinking?

The moment we are born relationships are formed, some by birth; some made, as life moves on.  In today’s times, when life is so fast and commercially inclined most of our relationships turn out to be for some or other gain. Our families are nuclear, our friend circles are smaller, yet if you ask, how many of us really have time for each other?  Most of our relationships are taken for granted. Of course, I do know people who say that when they return back home from an eight hour job they allocate some time for kids, spouse and parents. It’s like scheduling the diary. No wonder Time Management gurus are making a lot of dough!

Most of us in U.A.E get so accustomed to the mechanical lifestyle that we fail to look beyond ourselves.  Of course after our every visit back home, we tend to feel homesick but then we immerse ourselves in our work to avoid that feeling or end up shopping.  Even if have our families out here, we spend more time on the roads then with our family and friends. Sigh! So all we have left is the weekend of two days where we try and make time for families and friends; provided we complete all our chores for the coming week.

""…No wonder Time Management gurus are making a lot of dough….""

At times I wonder; when our parents were growing up with large families/joint families they had time for each other and are still very close-knit. How come our ‘gizmo’ generation failed to learn the knack of maintaining relationships? Oh! We love to use terms like we connect/network, but do we really? What was the secret of the past generations, to look beyond and form real relationships? We could learn a thing or two from them.  Maybe if we do away with the various images that we portray to different individuals and rather be our own self, make time for relationships that really matter, rather than pursuing empty relationships. The list could be endless. All it needs is a little time and effort and it would really make a difference.

As my mom says – you guys are always planning, why can?t you do something impromptu? pick up your phone and just say "hi" or maybe have one of those delicious potluck meals and sit down together.

So you see the weekend is here and I have got to call my near and dear ones and have one of those potluck meals. Does not necessarily have to be delicious, but who cares? At least we will be together.

Author: Candida DSouza- UAE

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