‘Relishing’ Collegehood Memories, DCM Dr Ashwath Narayan ‘Relished’ on 3 Flavours of Ideal Ice Cream

‘Relishing’ Collegehood Memories, DCM Dr Ashwath Narayan ‘Relished’ on 3 Flavours of Ideal Ice Cream


‘Relishing’ Collegehood Memories, Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka CM Dr Ashwath Narayan CN ‘Relished’ on 3 Flavours of Ideal Ice Creams, (Gadbud, Marzi Paan, and a slice of iPizza), while he was in City for the Inauguration ceremony of IMA Board Committee 2019-20

Mangaluru : The most memorable years of our lives are the ones we spend in the college. New friends who became more than a family, those boring lectures, mass bunks and pranks on professors defined our days. Those favourite hangout places in and around college, the festivals, the crushes, the rose days and the “settings” made for wonderful memories that we will cherish our entire life; stories, like “kids that’s how I met your grandmother”, that we will tell our grandchildren. College life was a bliss.

Then we generally become disinterested in the classroom studies, don’t we all? At the start of every semester we sat in the lectures with enthusiasm to learn something new, hoping that the professors in the new semester would rekindle our interest in studies, but all in vain. And then we had the canteens and the food stalls outside the colleges which came in as life saviours. A bite of that Grilled Sandwich, the crunch of that Pani-Puri, a sip of that Oreo Shake brought a smile on our faces as we thought, well college isn’t that bad after all.

I remember, during my B Sc college days at St Aloysius College, Mangaluru, at times the lectures seemed such a pain that even the most abysmal combination of food like Chicken Fried Rice served or Yellow Hakka Noodles served with just the Chilli Sauce would alleviate my mood. Although the Bhel Puri and Charmuri at Mangali’s Sugarcane Juice Stall outside the campus served in as a substitute canteen, where the snacks were kick ass snacks. I recollect bunking the lecture before the lunch break to not miss out on the opportunity to relish that savoury Bhel Puri. College life couldn’t get any better.

And here is our DCM Dr Ashwath Narayan narrating his college days to Mukund Kamath, the Managing partner of Ideal Ice Cream about his college life, and his crave then for the out-of-world Ideal Ice Cream. Yes, Mangaluru is truly the pearl of the Arabian Sea and guardian of the West Coast. It is a land of exquisite cultures, charms and cuisines. A perfect blend of the traditional and the modern, it attracts thousands of visitors every day all year round. There are so many exciting things to see and visit in the cosmopolitan city, but undoubtedly, any visit to the city would be considered incomplete without relishing Ideal Ice Cream. And that’s exactly what DCM Dr Ashwath did when he was in the City last evening, not missing to visit Ideal Ice Cream Parlour on GHS Road, where he feasted on Gadbud, Marzi Paan and a slice of iPizza.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean Mukund Kamath said, “During his interaction with me, DCM Dr Ashwath Narayan said that during his college days at KMC-Mangaluru they didn’t had Ideal Ice Cream served in their cafeteria. And Ashwath as a medical student who had heavy craving for Ideal Ice Cream then, wanted to introduce Ideal Ice Cream in their Cafeteria. So he had approached Mukund’s father (Prabhakar Kamath), and by convincing him was able to get Ideal Ice Cream get served in KMC Canteen/Cafeteria. So relishing his college days at KMC, and bringing back memories of savouring delicious flavours of Ideal Ice Cream then, Dr Ashwath couldn’t resist in stopping by at our shack on GHS road, where he feasted on Gadbud, Marzi Paan and a slice of iPizza. During our meet at the parlour, he also shared some of his fun and happy moments of college life, and it was a pleasure for me having spend some time with our ice cream lover DCM Dr Ashwath Narayan”.

Along with DCM Dr Ashawath Narayan, others who joined with him for the Ice Cream treat were- MLA Dr Bharath Shetty, MLA Rajesh Naik, Dr Shivasharan K- Managing Director of NammaTV and Member of Dental Council of India, among others, amidst founder of Ideal Ice Cream Prabhakar Kamath and Mukund Kamath.

Yes, I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ideal Ice Cream- and for that matter, people all over the globe when they land in Mangaluru, always make it a point to visit one of the four Ideal Ice Cream Shacks in town, to savour one of the World’s best Ice Cream- and so also did Dr Ashwath Narayan, who had completed his MBBS degree at KMC in 1995- and still craves for his favourite Gadbud! Started on 1 May 1975 by Prabhakar Kamath, Ideal ice Cream today is the biggest ice cream manufacturer in Mangaluru with an 80% market share, and one of its outlets in the Market Road is considered as India’s 3rd Largest Ice Cream Parlour. Got Gadbud!