Reunion with Mayer shocks Perry’s friends

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Los Angeles, Jan 17 (IANS) Singer Katy Perry’s friends are reportedly surprised over her decision to reconcile her relationship with John Mayer.

A source told People magazine that the duo is determined to make it work this time, reports

“(It’s) a complete 180 from where she was weeks ago,” said a source.

“They’re both outspoken and independent. It draws them together, but it can cause problems at times,” the source added.

However, the duo still needs time to figure out things.

“They are in love and have been seeing each other for a while. They missed each other. They seem very happy about being back together again. (But) they have to make time for each other and figure out how they can be together in a smooth relationship,” the source said.

Perry and Mayer, who officially called it quits back in February 2014, fuelled reports of getting back together after they were spotted hanging out with each other.

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