Rihanna tortures Taylor Swift in parody video

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Los Angeles, July 7 (IANS) Two days after Rihanna’s shocking new music video for her hit single “B**ch better have my money” surfaced online, an animated parody clip featuring the “Diamonds” singer torturing Taylor Swift is making waves on YouTube.

In the cartoon parody, the 27-year-old singer kidnaps and tortures the former country star who can’t return the $10 she owes her because she has spent all her money on the “Bad Blood” video, reports aceshowbiz.com

Made by PopToonsTV and Chibi Toons, the less-than-two-minute video opens with Rihanna and her two friends arriving at Swift’s house and immediately asking for her money back.

After Swift tells her she has spent all her money on the “Bad Blood” video, Rihanna puts her inside a large suitcase, hangs her upside down and literally kicks her off a yacht.

Rihanna approved of the parody and showed her support for it by making a short video with a few scenes from the clip on photo-sharing site Instagram post, which read: “I swear Yall get more creative everyday! Thanx @poptoonstv #BBHMMvideo.”

The original, blood-filled video for “B**ch better have my money” sparked controversy online, with many viewers claiming Rihanna glorifies violence against women.

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