Robert Downey Jr travels with his furniture

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Los Angeles, May 31 (IANS) Actor Robert Downey Jr reportedly takes his furniture with him when he is shooting away from his home in Malibu here.

The “Avengers: Age of Ultron” star, who has son Exton, three, and six-month-old daughter Avri with wife Susan Downey, shipped some of his favourite items from his home to his rental house in Atlanta in a bid to feel more at home there while he is shooting “Captain America: Civil War”.

“Whenever he rents a place, he has all the same furniture sent there so there’s consistency from rental to rental. It comes in big semis. He does it for a sense of comfort,” a source close to the 50-year-old actor told

The actor also regularly brings his family on location with him.

“I mean it’s natural for Exton to want to bite her once in a while. It can start off as a little peck and then it turns into a nibble. I think it’s just establishing dominance but she’ll be running stuff at some point,” he said.



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