Rod Stewart put dog faeces on kids’ pillows

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Los Angeles, Aug 16 (IANS) Singer Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly says he had strange parenting techniques, including putting dog faeces on his children’s pillows.

“My dad was always our friend. He was still a dad in that he’d teach us lessons – if one of our dogs pooped on his nice carpets, he’d put the poop on our pillow at night – but we always wanted to tell him things.

“He never made us feel like we were being judged for what we did, probably because he had done everything that we were doing, times 1,000 (sic),” Kimberly said.

Kimberly also added that the “Sailing” hitmaker likes to prank his guests by pretending to be a parking enforcement officer, reports

“Be careful where you park – my dad has a clamp and he’s not afraid to use it,” she added.

Despite his complicated family life, Kimberly insists there is no “weirdness” between siblings, parents, stepparents and former stepparents, thanks to Rod’s efforts.

“I am so close to my dad and stepmum Penny (Lancaster-Stewart). Dad has eight kids and works hard to keep us all tight-knit. My half-sister Ruby lives below me and my former stepmum Rachel Hunter comes over for dinner.

“There’s never any weirdness in our family,” she told HELLO! magazine.

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