Rohan Corporation Celebrates World Environment Day with Tree Planting Ceremony and Environmental Oath

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Rohan Corporation Celebrates World Environment Day with Tree Planting Ceremony and Environmental Oath

Mangaluru: In honour of World Environment Day, Rohan Corporation, a leading real estate company, hosted a tree planting ceremony at its Rohan City premises. Rohan Monteiro, Managing Director, along with employees, planted saplings at the premises, kicking off a wide initiative to promote environmental sustainability.

The ceremony featured the recitation of the newly established “Rohan Corporation Environmental Oath,” a powerful pledge outlining the company’s commitment to protecting the planet.

Rohan Corporation Environmental Oath:

We, the members of Rohan Corporation, On this Environment Day, commit ourselves to the protection and preservation of our planet.

We pledge to plant and nurture these saplings, to give back to the Earth that sustains us, And to contribute to a greener, healthier world for future generations.

We vow to reduce our environmental footprint,
To conserve resources and reduce waste, And to support sustainable practices in all our endeavors.

We promise to educate and inspire others, To lead by example in our community, And to foster a spirit of environmental stewardship in all that we do.

Together, we can make a difference. Together, we will create a legacy of green. Together, we are the guardians of our planet.

This is our commitment. This is our pledge. This is our oath.

“At Rohan Corporation, we recognize the importance of environmental responsibility,” said Rohan Monteiro, Managing Director. “This tree planting ceremony and the creation of our Environmental Oath represent our dedication to a sustainable future. We are committed to taking concrete steps to reduce our environmental impact and inspire positive change within our community.”

The tree planting initiative is just one aspect of Rohan Corporation’s ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship. The company is dedicated to implementing sustainable practices throughout its operations, including resource conservation, waste reduction, and eco-friendly business practices.

By taking action and promoting environmental awareness, Rohan Corporation is demonstrating its leadership in building a more sustainable future.

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