Rosary Credit Co-operative Society Opens its Eight Branch in Shirva

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Rosary Credit Co-operative Society Opens its Eight Branch in Shirva

Udupi: The eighth branch of the Rosary Credit Co-operative Society was inaugurated at the Bharin Tower, Shirva on Monday, June 8.

Johnson D’Almeida, president of Rosary Credit Co-operative Society, inaugurated the new branch by cutting the ribbon while Fr Denis D’Sa, parish priest of Our Lady of Health Church Shirva, blessed the new office premises. Senior director of the society Philip R D’Costa inaugurated the safe locker system.

Having the head office at the Kundapur Rosary Credit Cooperative Society, it has already expanded with seven branches in Byndoor, Padukone, Basrur, Hangluru, Gangolli and Santhekatte. Now the eight branch has opened in Shirva.

All the branches and the head office of the organization are highly secured with CCTV, Siren and safe lockers. Suitable insurance is made for all the gold ornaments deposited along with the building and equipment. All the branches are fully computerized.

Vice president Kiran Melwin Lobo, Shirva Branch Sabhapathi Wilson D’Souza, Chief Executive officer Pascal D’Souza, Directors Jacob D’Souza, Vinod Crasta, Baptist Dais, Ozline Rebello, Shanthi R Carvalho, Daina D’Almeida, Shanthi Dais, Derrick D’Souza, Prakash Lobo, Wilfred Menezes, Terrence Suvares, Thiyoder Olivera, ZP member Wilson Rodrigues, former ZP president Gerald Fernandes were present.

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  1. So now it’s back to business as usual, is it?

    All the shameful scandal is now conveniently forgotten. This is exactly what I was talking about – The religious institutions have this ingenious gift of brushing aside the rot and pretend nothing ever took place. “There is nothing to see here folks, now let’s move on and pretend nothing ever happened”.

    I did not want anyone to go to jail for what happened instead I wanted to see drastic reforms to ensure such disgraceful episodes never repeated again. I wanted the bishop and the diocese to come out with new guidelines about handling financial matters and priests’ personal conduct but astonishingly enough nobody is even talking about it. The bishop in his clarification (after the investigation report came out) did admit that the deceased priest had depression-related problems but he did not clarify how he was placed in such a high position despite that. Does that not make the bishop culpable to some degree? Do these people really think everyone else is an ignorant sheep? And yet, they lecture us every Sunday about virtues and vice.

    I am waiting for the next one opportunity for a priest or a nun to come and give me gyaan about righteousness. I will make sure that encounter is going to be a memorable one.

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