Rose Byrne found moving to Los Angeles ‘pretty hard’

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Los Angeles, May 26 (IANS) Actress Rose Byrne says she found it “pretty hard” when she first moved here from Australia.

The 35-year-old Australian actress struggled to settle in the city and found herself getting homesick, reports

“LA’s not for everyone. I found it pretty hard, I was very homesick. I enjoy it more now — there’s an incredible art scene there these days,” she told Stella magazine.

Byrne then moved to London at the age of 25 for two years and says she particularly enjoyed returning to the English capital while filming her new movie “Spy”.

She said: “When I was there it was becoming gentrified, but now it’s in a different league. Broadway Market is so fashionable and intense now – it’s like a catwalk.

“There’s a wildness about (London), it’s more underground. The art and music and fashion that comes out of London is the most interesting in the world. New York can be a little mainstream.”

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