Rs 98 Lac ‘Clock Tower’ by MCC! Is it a Mluru Landmark or MCC Inducted Traffic Nuisance?

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Rs 98 Lac ‘Clock Tower’ by MCC! Is it a Mluru Landmark or MCC Inducted Traffic Nuisance?

Rs 98 Lac ‘Clock Tower’ by Mangaluru City Corporation {MCC}-Is it a Mangaluru Landmark Structure or MCC Inducted Traffic Nuisance? Aam Aadmi Party of DK request Educated and Well Read Mangaloreans to Decide!

Mangaluru: MCC has planned very decorative architectural master piece structure near to Town Hall junction called “CLOCK TOWER”. What importance this MCC masterpiece has for KUDLA citizens. I, Rajendra Kumar, Convenor of Aam Aadmi party –DK unit (AAP-DK) is placing before the citizens the possible prospects and constraints for careful evaluation.

There existed a heritage Clock tower structure at the same location, which by itself, was a tourist attraction and landmark of the old Mangalore. For reasons not known, this graceful structure was demolished overnight by MCC. We, all Mangaloreans, accepted the same without even showing any dissent over the MCC action. What are reasons for MCC to bringing that structure down? Neither MCC ever explained the reasons nor did we citizens demanded that. Few weeks back, AAP-DK wrote a letter to the MCC commissioner asking for the reasons for demolishing the old structure and for bringing up similar structure at the same location. MCC Commissioner has not bothered to respond to that question.

Before taking up any development, it is mandatory for the authorities to carry out the feasibility study to evaluate the possible consequences of any development activity. Therefore it is imperative that MCC must have conducted a study of the current traffic intensity, traffic density and the impact the clock tower will have on the road user – vehicle/pedestrians/traffic personnel. AAP-DK requested MCC commissioner for such study. MCC commissioner is yet to respond to AAP DK request.

It is important for MCC to take the opinion of the various departments while taking a decision which affects the lives and convenience of Mangaloreans. AAP-DK understands that MCC has not bothered to take the opinion of the traffic department while making the decision to erect this structure. We, Mangaloreans would like to know if there is traffic mishap or if traffic movement constraints/become miserable because of the presence of this structure, will Mangaluru Smart City Limited (MSCL)/MCC commissioner take the responsibility for this, as they have not obtained clearance from the traffic department. We, Mangaloreans, want to know why MCC has not sought the opinion of the traffic department?

Please have a look at the photo of the present situation at the location. There are vehicles moving towards the AB Shetty circle, vehicles approaching towards AB Shetty circle from Rao & Rao Circle side; Vehicles taking the U-turn back towards Hampankatta and vehicles moving towards Hampankatta from the Rao & Rao circle. Besides, there is the mini Vidhana Soudha, Mangalore university institutes, Wenlock/Lady-Goshen hospital, Town Hall and Central Market in and around the location. There is an inherent danger to the traffic user/pedestrians/ traffic personnel as of now. During the peak hours, the traffic jam is routine and Mangaloreans are having a terrible time. Has the MCC ever thought of easing the traffic congestion and making life easier for Us at this important junction? Is this “Clock Tower” to ease the traffic congestion or increase the traffic congestion?

Please have a look at the site plan of the proposed clock tower structure. The drawings obtained by AAP-DK from MSCL do not provide clear distances which constitute the clock tower area. However one can make out from the site plan that the clock tower has roads on three sides and is closed for traffic from the fourth side. Based on the layout plan it is made out that Town Hall will be the fourth side. Therefore, the traffic direction will get modified as per the proposed structure. All vehicles have to crisscross the junction depending on movement and have only three roads as the fourth one is blocked permanently.

Please do take note that the road space is considerably reduced (as one approach is completely blocked and the clock tower will encroach more than 5m into the present road lane all around). AAP-DK assumes that the MSCL board/MCC has looked into the technical details and has approved the design and construction of the structure after making sure that this structure will add grand value to the Kudla and at the same time it will not make traffic movement more dangerous and congestion. AAP- DK has requested for the study report of the traffic conditions/traffic arrangements/pedestrian movements/signals/parking etc. post clock tower construction. The MCC commissioner is yet to respond to the AAP request.

MSCL has tendered out this work and the civil work is already in progress. The ‘Clock Tower’ civil work is being designed by M/s Infrastructure Development Foundation (IDF), a company based in Empire mall, Mangaluru. AAP-DK has approached the (MSCL) for a copy of the detailed design of the structure in February 2018. Till date, the same is not made available and a complaint to the same is raised to the MCC commissioner. It is mandatory to display the information of all parties involved- like the consultant, PMC, contractor, tendered sum etc at the site. Till date, it is not displayed. Why is this practise not followed here? Has MSCL called for participation of local agencies through local advertisements? Why are the rules flouted by MCC?

This masterpiece structure as thought by MCC will become a landmark symbol for Mangaloreans. We all will have first Smart City Landmark at a very important location. It is costing 98 lakhs from our tax payer’s money but we will have a tourist attraction. Are there any other benefits to Mangaloreans? Is it worth spending this much money?

AAP-DK requests the Mangalorean citizens to seek the response from MSCL/MCC for the following:

What was wrong with our old heritage structure? Why was it brought down?
– What are the reasons for bringing out a similar structure at the same location?
– Has any study been carried out to ensure that the present traffic scenario is maintained at least if not worsen because of the clock tower?
– Has the opinion of all concerned authorities before going ahead with this work was sought?
– Has any technical studies carried out on the possible effects on traffic? If yes, Can all studies carried out in this regard be placed before the public?
– Has any report of the traffic situation after the construction of the clock tower been carried out? Can it be made public? Has the future increase in traffic density taken into account?

Based on the site layout it is clear that the traffic is open only on three sides. Can the agency which designed this justify the closure of the fourth side and retain the same traffic ease? It does not require great engineering knowledge to establish that there is not enough land available for the landscaping. Do you all agree that this landscaping as given in the drawing should go? If yes, why was it included?

  • Smart city value addition by spending about 98 lakh rupees?
  • The master plan for the Smart City? Are all decisions taken as it comes or is there any master plan before taking up? Can MSCL place before the public the master plan for the smart city?
  • Are the technical consultants/project management consultants hired on project to project basis? What are the guidelines under which their services are hired? Has any local announcement/advertisement been made in this regard?
  • How the local Mangaloreans interests are accommodated in the smart city projects (Agencies like –Engineers/ technicians/contractors/consultants/PMC/local industry/labourers)
  • Are all planning is carried out by the MSCL board or by any technical body with expertise? If MSCL is the authority what are the qualifications of the existing board members and their experience in smart city development activities?? The site layout plan and details provided cannot be accommodated and shows very poor technical know how.

IS IT NOW THE TIME FOR MANGLAOREANS TO JOIN HANDS WITH THE LIKE MINDED, WELL AWARE, DEVELOP ORIENTED CITIZENS? The expected funding from the government is Rs 2000 crores for the Smart City. If we do not rise from this slumber, please be assured that all these Rs 2000 crores, our tax money, will be washed through our drains into the Arabian Sea.


by Er Rajendra Kumar- Convener, Aam Aadmi Party-DK

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  1. People coming from Attavara have to go around clock tower to reach K S Rao road. God know whose bright idea was this. Traffic dept and MCC feels that giving trouble to people is their satisfaction. Pl revert to what was before and don’t use stupid ideas.

  2. What is the purpose of clock tower or Smart city? Is it only to give jobs to MCC consultants and contractors? Why people do not matter? Why there is no City Bus bay at the proposed multistoried parking at the old bus stand. Do only the car owners inhabit Mangalore?

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