Runner Up in ‘Mr South India TCU’ Kudla’s Mohd Aveez enters ‘Mr Mark India ’18’ contest

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Runner Up in ‘Mr South India Tourism Culture Universe (TCU) 2018’ Kudla’s Mohammed Aveez enters ‘Mr Mark India ’18’ contest

Mangaluru: He is a young handsome youth pursuing his Fashion Designing Degree at Shree Devi College, Mangaluru, and from the past few months has been preparing and working on him in all aspects for a pageant named ‘Mr and Miss South India Tourism Culture Universe 2018’ which was recently held in Bengaluru, and now has made all his efforts fruitful, and his dreams come true, since he was judged as Runner Up in that Contest. Meet Mohammed Aveez, aged 19, from Mangaluru, who in the recently held Coronation Finale Night of ‘MISTER AND MISS SOUTH INDIA TOURISM CULTURE UNIVERSE 2018’, won the Coveted title of 1st Runner-Up and has made Mangaloreans and also people of Karnataka proud. Kudos and congrats Aveez!

Okay, but being a male model doesn’t mean getting a free ride to the best parties in town. It takes hard work to be a male model, as well as long hours, and sometimes, little payoff. That being said, breaking into the modeling industry as a male is a bit easier than it is for women, because male models don’t have to meet the same rigid physical requirements all the time and can work for many years — some of them working well into their fifties, as per sources. Modelling is a career which can last from your youth to when you’re older. The demand for different looks is really diverse so when you’re still growing and not quite as filled out, you are perfect for some campaigns, then as your body grows that opens up different campaigns and opportunities.

Also, you can be deemed too big one day and too skinny the next day, without your body changing at all. You soon learn that you’ve not changed, it’s just that brands have different fits and the shape that suits a particular brand’s clothes, might not size up for you. Another good thing about entering into modelling is that you get to go to some of the best parties in the world. The fashion industry really know how to throw a good bash. It’s great fun, you meet some amazing people, get to experience things you’d never thought you’d experience and collect some good memories along the way. Having considering all these facts and benefits, Mohammed Aveez even while pursuing his studies in Fashion Designing, took a step early by modelling for ‘Siri’ Brand of Designer Clothing, which has convinced him to get into the world of modelling and fashion designs.

Prior to entering in the recent Pageant, Aveez in the past has also won the titles of “Mr.Pearl City Prince 2017”; “Mr.Mangalore 2018”, “Mr.Handsome Karnataka 2018 Finalist”; ” Mr.Middle East Asia 2018 Finalist” and “Mr.South Karnataka 2018”- he also got selected to participate in the World Teen International 2018 contest held recently in Bangkok, but due to his education commitment he opted out of it.

The ‘Mr South India Tourism Culture Universe 2018 Pageant was held at Hotel Silver Star International, Bengaluru on 19th August 2018, which was hosted and Produced by Fashion and National Director Of India Akshay’s Mark Founder President – Akshay Raichurkar who holds, the license (India) of “Man of the World”, “Mr.Tourism Universe” and 18 International Pageants.

The Pageant was addressed and judged by Rossy Mayunda (Mr Africa), Chinny Frances (Miss Africa), Asifa Haque (Miss Tourism Beauty of Asia Ambassador), Akshay Vernekar (Vice President and CEO Akshay’s MARK), Satyendra Tripathi (Treasurer of Akshay’s Mark). Mister Africa and Best Model TCU 2018 – Rossy Mayunda had crowned Aveez the title of “Mr. South India Tourism Culture Universe 2018”. Also the Winner had signed a six Months Model Contract with Lederwarren Shoes Brand as a Print model.

Aveez has been Groomed and Trained by the Fashion and National Director Of India, Akshay’s Mark. He made it up to the list of top five at the Finals, Among the 28 Contestants from different States, he won the 1st Runner-up in this Pageant, also with the Subtitle of ‘Best in Tuxedo’. With accomplishment in this pageant, Aveez is now qualified to compete in the National Pageant of ‘Mister Mark INDIA 2018’

After completing his academic year, Aveez is anticipating to become a professional model, thereby unleashing his hidden talents together with dedication and commitment. He believes in the saying, “Where there’s a will there’s a way” and if you are determined enough, you can find a way to achieve what you want, even if it is very difficult” – and Mohammed Aveez is confident he can achieve success in the modelling and fashion Field with hard work and determination.

Team Mangalorean congratulates Mohammed Aveez on winning this title, and wish him all success in the forthcoming ” Mister Mark INDIA 2018′.

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