Russell Brand wants help in ‘perfect present’ for royal couple

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Russell Brand wants help in ‘perfect present’ for royal couple

London, Jan 19 (IANS) Comedian Russell Brand has reached out to people to help him in giving the “perfect wedding present” to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The comedian posted a video on YouTube calling on his fans to sign a petition, reports

His plan is to get Slough Council to buy a new shelter for homeless people in the area, after reports they wanted the homeless off the streets for the royal couple’s big day.

Brand, who works with charity SHOC (Slough Homeless Our Concern), reckons he has come up with the perfect solution to keep everyone happy.

In the video, he said: “Hello, look you know Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are getting married and that councillor guy said, ‘We gotta cleanse all the homeless people off the streets of Windsor’ in some terrifying sort of eugenics, genocide, burn the books, burn the people type language, well one of the charities that will be affected by that are SHOC – Slough Homeless Our Concern, a charity that I’ve worked with for ages.

“They provide day care for homeless people, loads of advice and clothes and help, particularly if all the homeless people in neighbouring Windsor are going to be swept off the street in a tsunami of loathing in order to keep Meghan Markle’s dress looking nice as they promenade towards that castle.

“And actually, of course it’s not Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s fault is it? But it is an interesting indication that in order to make this wedding spick and span and spotless the most vulnerable people in society are being exposed to yet more persecution.

“That is why I’m suggesting that as a wedding present to Prince Harry and Meghan we encourage – insist – push Slough Council to donate a building to SHOC.

“The building already exists, all they have to do it sign a little bit of paper and the building can be used by SHOC to help the homeless that will be affected by this royal wedding, and they’re already bloody homeless. I mean things aren’t great right now.”

Brand has urged his fans to sign the petition as a present to the couple and to put pressure on Slough Council to do something to help the homeless.

SHOC has provided a vital lifeline for the town’s rough sleepers for more than 20 years. It runs a day centre where the homeless can go for a hot meal, a shower and laundry facilities, as well as advice on their housing options.

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