Sale time! Less profits, but more clients for designers

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Sale time! Less profits, but more clients for designers

New Delhi: That “Up to 80 per cent off” hoarding always pulls in more clients for Indian designers who do not necessarily make much money out of the sale season but are satisfied they have attracted new clientele and cleared excess stock from previous collections.

Designer Payal Singhal, whose creations have been sported by the likes of Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Neha Dhupia in Bollywood, says the sale season brings along “the joy of customers waiting for the sale just to attain the outfits at affordable prices”.

“And that is satisfying,” she says.

“The benefit is just to reach out to more potential customers. We don’t believe in a heavy discount clearance sale since there’s a quality standard that we adhere to even for sale outfits. The only difference is that it is of an older runway collection or an older style, since most people have a mindset or a tendency to purchase only what is just-in the market; whereas so many of our older silhouettes are still appealing to a wider online and international market,” says Singhal in a conversation with IANS.

Designer Shehla Khan says the sale season is a win-win situation for both designers and customers as it can be accessible to people who are not able to spend as much as the original price.

“Also, it helps us as designers to liquidate stocks… It helps us get rid of excess of stock from the past seasons and serves as an additional income,” says Khan, who will participate at the forthcoming edition of the Lakme Fashion Week.

Designer Narendra Kumar says such opportunities bring joy.

“As a part of the business cycle, you never end up selling all your products at full price. Therefore, having a sale is beneficial as it at least gives you the opportunity to recover the cost of the product, and we don’t end losing on capital,” Kumar says.

Are the outfits that go on sale rejected or defective?

“Our outfits that go on sale are never rejected. They are either of sizes that are uncommon, pieces that were produced in extra quantity or from the previous collection. Trends change at a very fast pace in the digital era we live in. Several collections with different trends are launched each year, which is another reason for outfits to go on sale,” Nidhi of the designer duo Pankaj and Nidhi told IANS.

For some designers, sales are not an option they give to customers.

As a brand, Sabyasachi – The Label never goes on sale or discount. It is a by-order brand, and sells very little off the rack except when they are present in multi-designer stores. There too, the brand is never on sale.

The same holds true for designer Raghavendra Rathore.

Mudita Jaipuria, founder, Warehouse by Mudita – a stock clearance exhibition that offers up to 70 per cent off on designer wear — says their exhibitors are as excited about the sale as all fashionistas shopping there.

“It’s a great way to reach out to the aspirational clientele that may not be able to afford their clothes during the regular season,” Jaipuria told IANS.

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