Saudi Arabia: Mohammed Sameer Yermal elected President of I S F Riyadh

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Riyadh: Indian Social Forum Riyadh Karnataka State has elected their office bearers for a period of three years in the presence of SDPI National Secretariat member Mohidin Kutti Faizee:


President Mohammed Sameer Yermal

Vice President Mustaque Kasam Yermal
General Secretary Mohammed Shareef Kabaka
Secretary Mubaraq Bangalore

Following are elected as committee members:

Haris Surathkal
Mudassir Chritradurga
Usman Kunjatur
Abdul Aziz Bankal
Siddique Madikeri
Ismail Mangalapete
Yaqub Soorinje
Sajipa Shiraz
Yaqub Fairoz and
Rafeeq Sanoor

Describing the condition of the current Indian political situation, Mohidin Kutti, emphasized the role of surveillance and non-resident Indians in the development of alternative political forces, and gave his best compliments to the new office bearers. Central Committee Chairman Koya and General Secretary Bashir Ingapujha were also present. Shareef Kabaka welcomed the guests and also delivered the vote of thanks.

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