Sauhardha Christmas 2016 spreads ‘Love, Peace and Harmony”

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Sauhardha Christmas 2016 spreads “Love, Peace and Harmony”

Mangaluru: To spread Love, Peace and Harmony among Christians, Mangalore Christian Council, Mangalore Diocesan Ecumenical Commission, Karnataka Christian Education Society, Karnataka Mission Network, All Karnataka United Christian Forum for Human Rights- Western Zone, Chair in Christianity-Mangalore University, jointly hosted ” Soauhardha Christmas 2016″ on Saturday, 10 December 2016. Seniors, adults, youth and children from the Christian communities gathered in large numbers for the function and enjoyed every bit of the show. Christmas season is the perfect time to share joy and peace among people. Rejoicing the coming of Jesus, all these organizations shared the spirit of Christmas among the august gathering, comprising of priests, nuns, men and women, youth and children.

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The dignitaries for the joyous occasion to bring in the spirit of Christmas among the people were Most Rev Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza- Bishop of Mangaluru Diocese; Rt Rev Mohan Manoraj- Bishop, CSI-KSD; His grace Jakob Mar Elias- Metropolitan Malankara Orthodox Syrian Diocese of Brahmavar; Most Rev Geevarghese Mar Divannsios- Bishop of Syrian-Malankara Catholic Diocese of Puttur; and Most Rev Lawrence Mukkuzhy-Bishop of Syro-Malabar Catholic Diocese of Belthangady.

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Addressing the gathering, Bishop Aloysius P D’Souza said, “Christmas is a grand celebration observed by the Christians worldwide. People rejoice when a child is born in the family. When Jesus was born, the entire world was rejoicing. It was the shepherds who had the first privilege of witnessing the good tiding. The birth of Jesus was symbolic. The shepherds were treated as outcaste in society and Christ’s birth amidst the lower strata of society meant he was in the world not for the rich but for the downtrodden. These shepherds were very poor yet pure at heart, and could witness the manifestation of god’s love for mankind.”


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“We have to love one another in order to make this Christmas meaningful. At a time when society is wrought by evil designs, we have to dedicate our life to others and spread the message of peace in this Christmas season. This programme is to bring in love, peace and harmony. Today Sauhardha Christmas has brought us all together, all the believers of Jesus Christ. Christ gave the message of love to the world and preached brotherhood, and that all are children of god and hence we must treat each other as brothers and sisters. Christmas is the most awaited holy period in the calendar for the followers of Christ. Christmas means the celebration of god’s incredible love towards mankind. God sent his Son to the mankind to spread the message of peace and love. We welcome Jesus, the Son of God who became the man, and that is what we call Christmas. Today the world is drifting away from god and spiritual values. As Christians, we must bring Christ into ourselves, our society and home, so as to spread his message to the world,” added Bishop Aloysius D’Souza.

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Bishop Lawrence Mukkuzhy said, ” Christ gave the message of love to the world and preached brotherhood, and that all are children of God and hence we must treat each other as brothers and sisters. Christmas is the most awaited Holy period in the calendar for the followers of Christ. Christmas means the celebration of God’s incredible love towards mankind. God sent his Son to the mankind to spread the message of peace and love. Sad to note that today the world is drifting away from God and spiritual values. During Christmas season let us spread Christ’s message to the world to love another and maintain peace throughout. Let the light of Christmas shine upon us and take away the darkness and give us peace and prosperity.”

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Rev Eldoh, on behalf of of His Grace Jakob Mar Elias conveyed his Christmas greetings saying, “Jesus gave a message of peace and love to the world. The birth of Jesus is celebrated throughout India as a national festival. In the world where there is corruption, terrorism, and violence, Jesus needs to be born again to create peace in society. Christmas is a feast of happiness and brotherhood. Jesus taught us humanity. Our forefathers did not have the facilities which we have today but they lived in peace. Today we have everything but no peace. People used to care for others but now people have become sadists. Love is not a discovery of science. Religion teaches love. The messages of Jesus and other prophets are essential for the 21st century. Human beings are under a lot of pressure and pain which lead to lack of peace in the society.”

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Rev Geevarghese Mar Divannasios conveying his Christmas greetings said, “The various tableau this evening gave a very good Christmas message, and I extend hearty congratulations to all who prepared it. Christmas is celebrated all through the world and Jesus came with the message of love and peace. When he was born there was no place for Jesus. He came into the world and fed the poor and cured the leprosy patients. Jesus followed the message of ‘Sharing and Caring’. The same message was followed by Mother Teresa for which she was awarded the Nobel peace prize. Serving the downtrodden is serving God. Jesus asked to love one another as we love ourselves. Are we doing it now? We are filled with jealousy, hatred and anger. In the present world, we have to become the messengers of peace. Let us follow the message of Jesus and celebrate this Christmas. Let us follow the example of Jesus”.

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“God, who has called you into fellowship with His Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful and he said, I appeal to you,brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree together, so that there may be no divisions among you and that you may be united in mind and conviction. We need to learn how to Live in Harmony with Other Christians. It is very important that we Christians live together in harmony. For one thing, disharmony affects our witness to non-Christians. It is not a good witness for a group of Christians to be fussy and fighting with one another. So his Christmas let us all live in love, peace and harmony” said Bishop Rt Rev Mohan Manoraj.

As part of the programme, the evening commenced with Christmas songs by CSI Mercara Hill Church choir , followed by instrumental music by CSI Thokkottu Church members. The opening prayer was said by Rev James PC-professor at KTC, Mangaluru. The welcome address was delivered by Rev Sagar Sundar Raj- MCC, Secretary; Mime show by Syro-Malankara Catholic church members enthralled the audience. Carols by Malankara Orthodox Syrian Diocese of Brahamvar; Christmas skit by Mount Carmel Central School-Mary Hill, Mangaluru; Dance by CSI Tamil Community, Christ Church-Kodikal; Christmas Ballet by Lourdes Central School-Bejai students; Christmas carols by Bokkapattana CSI Church; Skit by KMN; Fusion Dance by Kathak Kuchipudi, Padua Educational Institutions; Dance by St Alphonsa Church-Kankanady; Dance by CSI Sushanthi Church-Jeppu were part of the cultural programme. The vote of thanks was proposed by Fr Clifford.

In conclusion, while all these organizations aimed to spread love, peace and harmony during ‘Sauhardha Christmas 2016’ , I end this column with lyrics from the song “Season of Love” by Jaci Velasquez/Pete Orta-

“Where a prayer could be enough
Our hands open up and give a little more
Crowded hearts make room
Kindness falls like the snow
Tenderness like a row of dominoes

Season of love
A chance to shine in the darkness
To be hope, to give joy
All over the world it’s Christmas
The season of love
Christ is here with us
In our hearts, through our hands
Love is the season

Holy infant Son of God
You are the light inside of everyone
of us
Miracle on earth
We see your star, feel your peace
You are why this will always be the…
Love is the season”

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