Save Water – Every Drop Counts

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""Name : Clarissa Fernandes
Age : 8 years
School : St. Joseph’s School ? Abu Dhabi
Class : III -‘C’
Parents : Dinesh and Cynthia ? Abu Dhabi
Brother : Sheldon Fernandes.

My mom always reminded me to save water, whenever I wasted water in one or another way.  My thinking was we are kids and we cannot save water.

Last week when I participated in a competition on Environment with Topic ?SAVE WATER?, I started realizing we can save in every smaller way, in our day to day life, which will contribute to bigger.


Water is life! Save water, save life!!

Today?s rain water is tomorrow?s life saver! Save water it will save you later!

Here are the 9 ways to save water which I have drawn in my drawing.

1. Close the Tap while brushing
2. Close the Tap while washing cloths
3. Close the tap while Lathering (during shower)
4. Do not buy Water Toys which need continuous water supply
5. Clean your pavement by Broom instead of water
6. Install water re-cycling fountains in the garden
7. Avoid extra flushes in the toilets
8. Use bucket for waste water and use it for plants
9. Do not water the plants between 11 am to 4 pm, as the water will evaporate

Author: Clarissa Fernandes- Abu Dhabi

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